I passed the nclex-rn 75!!!!


i found at this am that i passed!! i think i had insomnia for the last few days up to the test and sleep please after the test. 2nd time. my ist was in feb

hi there im an example just found out today that i pass the boards!!:rolli took the ist time this in end of feb this year. grad in jan. and after studying and waiting for the school to hurry up and send list to the boards. when i took the test i was so taken back by how simple the words are written yet soo complex that i did not know how to answer, i freaked did all 265 and felt like crap!..i knew i knew the material. i had the saunder book which was what i was using and realise i needed more ques on an anaylsis/app level and no books really offer that. my friend gave me access to kap and 3 of us were using at different times and we all pass. i only used kap, did the online content which is a video breakdown of the test in on content according to how the nclex grades, i listen to that, did the trainers starting at 4 since i already took the boards there are 7 of them i had gotton a 65% on all of them and i thought i was failing, than a friend told me it was really good. not too much the qback because those ques. mess with ur head. i took the test this thu. stop at 75. found out passed today. ..forgive the typos soo excited lack of sleep, can breathe now:yeah:

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:smiley_aaCongratulations!!!!! Time to partty and celebrate. Good Job!!!!! And Goooood luck in your Nursing career!!!! Now its time to change your name maybe to something ending with RN!


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What great news... Congratulations!!!


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thanks this board is excellent:redpinkhe


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Wow! :ancong!: I will take the NCLEX-RN on Monday, April 20. I'm hoping and praying that I will also have the same announcement like yours after my exam.

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