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I passed the CCRN!!!!


Guys - I can not even believe this!!!! I drove in a snowstorm and took the CCRN on March 31 thinking for sure I would fail (I didn't study). I took the test in about 2 hours checked my answers and found out I PASSED!!!

This also ment I had completed my BSN (a 6 year journey)!!!!

This also ment insted of dranking wine due to depression while in Italy (I left April 2 returned April 15) I enjoyed the wine because I PASSED!

WOW!!! I am still walking on air!!! :)


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Fantastic - congratulations!

Thanks guys - I am truely So Happy!!! :)


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:yelclap: :cheers:

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that is awesome!!! good work! :ancong!:

Nice work! So the key is not to study and drive in a blizzard? Gotta work on that...:chuckle

Nice work! So the key is not to study and drive in a blizzard? Gotta work on that...:chuckle

Yah!!! :)

Guess experience might have played a role...I am still so surprised I passed I had a dream that they called and told me a mistake had been made (suppose I better work on my self-esteem)!

I have never been so relaxed for such an important test either; cause I felt I didn't have a prayer to pass!

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Congratulations!!!! :)

So...........today I got my ID badge all arranged with my new BSN pin and my New CCRN pin! I'm still smiling! :)


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:yeah: Congratulations!!!! You deserve it!

:yeah: Congratulations!!!! You deserve it!

Thanks so Very Much! I would encourage everyone to take this or the RNC esp. if you've been in the business for awhile - it just boosts your self-esteem so much!

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