I do not like my CNA instructor


I have been in this CNA class for almost a week. I do not like my CNA instructor she is not teaching us anything we have not all ready read in the book. I spent over $500 for this program and I am not being taught anything. My best friend says I should try to learn as much as I can. If it was not for the fact that it is a prereq for my lpn program which starts in Jan 08 I think I would have drop the course. Any advise I on how to deal with this situation.


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I just finished my CNA class and it went well. The first week we did nothing but read from the book and it was BORING!! I thought if I don't get away from this chair, I'm going to scream!! :angryfire The second week was much better- we had a lab that we learned to do our skills in. It made the class go so much faster. So, hang in there! I bet that you will soon be able to do hands on stuff along with the book work and it will be so much better. You'll feel like your finally learning something. I also had to get my CNA for nursing school that I start next month. It's gotta be done. Good luck!


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Honestly, there really isn't much more to learn as a CNA than what is in the book. Honestly, when I took my class the book had much more information than we needed to know for the class.

Being a CNA is basically a lot of common sense, they teach you the basics and the rest is on the job training.

Hang in there and once you start to getting into the lab more and practicing skills it might get more interesting.


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you will need to read the book as it will help you with the written protion of the test...Don't worry, you will soon learn the clinicals skills needed to pass the clinical portion of the test...The first 2 1/2 to 3 weeks of my class consisted of reading through the book and having our teacher talk about real life situations, then the last 2 to 2 1/2 weeks, we learned the clinical portion


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Hey, I'm not a fan of my instructor either, but it does get better once you start doing the hands on stuff (less time to be annoyed by the boring lectures). I'm almost finished with the class...two weeks and counting. I started the clinical portion last week, and let me tell you, whether or not you're learning a lot in class, being one on one with patients is a whole course in and of itself! Its hard work, but I love it :)


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I got really lucky...I have a great instructor who is funny and keeps us laughing all class. It doesn't even seem like we're in class for 6 hours. But I agree with the others, that if this is your first week, it will get better. We have been learning from the book also, and it's a little boring, but I know that once we start learning skills and doing clinical, it will get a lot better. Good luck. :)


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Try to stick it out. You'll very likely run into the same problem with an instructor in LPN school. Unfortunately there are alot of instructors out there who don't actually teach.

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Try to stick it out. You'll very likely run into the same problem with an instructor in LPN school. Unfortunately there are alot of instructors out there who don't actually teach.

This is true. You may discover MANY professors that are horrible that way, and will have to just deal with it. I suspect that by the time you start working on skills it may be a bit better.


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that sucks.... i love love LOVE my instructors!! our clinicals are the next 3 days @ the hospital, and then we have our state final skills and written exams !! so excited... but good luck


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I like my instructor, at least I like her personality. She is a really great, caring person. It's her teaching method I'm not too thrilled with.

She tends to ignore the students that seem to be performing well or adequately enough in class and spends most of her time with those that are having a rough time. I understand that, and I wouldn't mind it if she would have at least supervised what we (the students not having a rough time) were doing the first time we did a new skill and pointed out any mistakes so we knew we would (most likely) be doing it correctly the next time. And then if she would have been there (available to help all her students) in the lab if we needed questions answered or something double-checked, that would have been great too.

Oh well, other than all that, she's wonderful. ;) Classroom and labs are over with now--on to clinicals! Hopefully this will be a little better of an experience. *fingers crossed*


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i didnt like my teacher at first neither.I had taken a summer class so it was really fast pace.My teacher was rude and ignorant i tried my best to pay attention in class and keep up i'd never say a word and she pulled me aside one day and asked me "i know this is a fast class,i'm wondering if you are getting everything im saying into your head,or is it because you don't understand english"because i am asian...well anyhow i used that anger i had with that incident and just learn mainly on my own and became one of the best students in class and she even wrote me an amazing referal letter that landed me several jobs!So whatever you think you are not learning id suggest ask questions or do it the hard way because you have to learn to take care of yourself.BTW then i later on learned that she was the way she was becuase she was the best instructor in town and when i first got to working everyone knew who was taught by.

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