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  1. AprilRNhere

    Wearing masks

    I guess I can see your point, though I do my best to make my patients feel like what I have to do for them does not gross me out. With the urine though- it shouldn't be sitting there for HOURS....if a patient/resident is incontinent, they need to be checked frequently.
  2. AprilRNhere

    Male Chest Hair and Scrub Tops

    This isn't anything I've ever thought of. I mean..why is it offensive? If they require men to cover the chest hair, why not arm hair, beards etc...? Why is hair offensive?
  3. AprilRNhere

    Information on nursing in MT?

    bump anyone?
  4. AprilRNhere

    Information on nursing in MT?

    I read through this forum last night and didn't find much here that is recent. I'd like some general information on nursing in MT. My husband and I might be considering moving there (unsure of what area)...but we both love MT when we've visited or driven through. BUT- I'd love to know things such as nurse/pt ratios, nursing conditions, union/non-union, pay, cost of living etc. We live in MN right now- so harsh winters aren't an issue. He loves the midwest- but I'm from the east coast and miss mountains- and the east coast has NOTHING on MT for beautiful landscape! Anyway- any info would be appreciated! Thanks!
  5. AprilRNhere

    Now is this abandonment?

    I didn't think CNA's could "abandon" pt's as they are the nursing assistants. They don't technicaly assume responsibility for the pt's do they?
  6. AprilRNhere

    Procedures for Admissions

    When I was a CNA in LTC I can't think of a time when we EVER accepted an admission that late. I think they set up appropriate times for them to come in. Good luck though in resolving your problems.
  7. AprilRNhere

    Any Red flags for a LTC NOT to tak the JOB

    Look up their last state inspection online. Take into consideration though that most states EVERY facility with have deficiencies- just look to see what they are.
  8. AprilRNhere

    Would this offend you?

    I think it's very honest of them. If they took the child, knowing they couldn't handle it- then every mood swing that child has they'll wonder and blame on a possible illness. That wouldn't be healthy for anyone. They weren't directing it at you- just knowing their limits.
  9. AprilRNhere

    Does this sound like "a little much" to you??

    We have them. It's a joke really. We usually forget and sign them at the end of the shift.
  10. AprilRNhere

    I Passed But....

    I'm not familiar with your state..but in MN I passed- and had my license in hand before I showed up on the website. Don't worry.
  11. Congrats...and call your local family services agency. Often there is daycare assistance for single moms going to school. They can also give you a list of licensed daycares who will accept the assistance program.
  12. AprilRNhere

    New options for handling disruptive patients

    We do this where I work. Of course- day shift has MUCH more response to code green than nights!
  13. Yes absolutely.
  14. AprilRNhere

    Pregnant and Nursing.....

    Congrats! You need to speak with your manager as soon as possible. Without having been there a full year- they dont have to keep your job for you at all during maternity leave- much less for 10 weeks. While they certainly can't fire you- they don't have to "rehire" you after you take time off either.
  15. AprilRNhere

    Nurses with tattoos?

    I love it- and honestly I love the whole sex kitten nurse thing as well. Growing up I always viewed most nurses as older, overweight, and crabby. I love that I can be young and sexy, and STILL be trusted to care for the many lives that are put in my hands. Women can be both intelligent AND sexy...and I think we should embrace that!
  16. AprilRNhere

    Nursing made Incredibly easy

    I think they're great...they also put out a very informative magazine.