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I could just cry right now..


I am studying for the NCLEX (taking it in exactly 10 days) and I am SO scared. I do not feel ready at all and am freaking out!! I am doing 200 questions a day for the next 10 days and Doing hurst online review with the q review questions. I am terrified as I am absolutely horrible at SATA questions!! I always at least one answer off!! Is there anyone who can help me??? I am practicing them as much as I can but I always get them wrong. :( Please someone give me confidence!!! I am thinking of switching my date but have a potential job opportunity I dont want to lose....

Do not take the test if you do not feel ready !!! Trust me

Thank you I don't think I will... But you think I should at least give it until Thursday and see how I feel? I don't want to make any drastic decisions....

Dont reschedule, have confidence in yourself....thought about rescheduling mine (take in 3days) just look back on all the studying you've done, I think its a normal feeling to "not feel ready" I dont think anybody ever feels completely ready, I mean come on, who is going to know everything!?...just my opinion though..good luck!!


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If the thought of actually being a nurse after you take the NCLEX is not as scary as the NCLEX itself, then you are competent to be a nurse. Which is what the NCLEX tests. Therefore, you have nothing to fear.

For SATAs, you have to treat them as true or false. Do not think of it any other way.

Also, I wouldn't put all your worry just on SATAs. There are tons of people who suck at them, including myself. Take one step at a time and think true or false.

When I took my exam, I thought I got most of them wrong.

As for rescheduling, you have 1 business to reschedule so continue studying and most importantly, reduce your anxiety and increase your confidence! If you don't, you increase the risk of second guessing yourself during the exam, which can be bad.

I thought about rescheduling but I knew I was thinking it because of my anxiety and my anxiety wasn't going to change so I kept on going and look now, I passed!

You can do it! Keep saying that to yourself!

Listen to calm and focus music while studying. That's what I did. I also had stress relief lotion on my at all times haha

Seriously I was in your spot 3 days ago as I sat for my NCLEX! No one feels ready as we don't know what kinda of questions we will face! I got about 20 SATAs in 82 questions certain I failed! 3 days after a hold I passed!! I say take it! Treat each SATA as true/false! You will nail it! Good luck!

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Everybody freaks out and very few people feel they are ready (none that I know of) and yet ~ 90% pass. Just do it!

As far as SATA there are really no strategies to them except true or false. The key to SATA lies in the knowledge of content and in practicing enough of them to start sensing the subtleties (for example not picking something you are not familiar with).

We had very strong students in our program and noone was good at SATA but yet everyone is passing. If the results were contingent on being great at SATA national pass rate would not land around a 90%, I would think. Based on my test some SATAs were easier than your Hurst/Kaplan questions, some were difficult. But remember you need to get 50% of all questions correct and they are not all SATA, so do not be terrified.

Thank you so much everyone!! I am going to keep my date for now but am feeling more confident to just go for it... I think I am nervous because up until 12 days prior of me taking the test I was studying but not for hours and hours a day. I don't think that means I will fail though and have been studying a lot once I found out my date. I am going to study this week as much as I can in hopes to be prepared and will keep practicing more SATA questions. Praying that I pass and can put this behind me!! Thank goodness for this website!