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meowverine's Latest Activity

  1. meowverine

    HESI A2: Don't stress- Tips from a recent test taker!

    Hello I see a lot of people saying they took practice test online where do you find these tests at thank you í ½í¸Š
  2. meowverine

    help wait time

    I got my results today so 23 days for me �� I passed !! I'm a lvn
  3. meowverine

    help wait time

    Yay so I should get mine On Monday or Tuesday í ½í¸Ší ½í¸Š thank you so much !!!
  4. meowverine

    Pearson Vue Trick 2015 Latest

    Hello took my nclex on Jan 15th in California my state does not participate in quick results and I was wondering how long till people in cali got official results
  5. meowverine

    I could just cry right now..

    Do not take the test if you do not feel ready !!! Trust me
  6. meowverine

    help wait time

    I took mine the 15th still nothing
  7. meowverine

    NCLEX Help!! Failed for the second time!

    Hello please don't give up I took it 3 times and finally passed I did the ncsbn review it's really helpful
  8. meowverine

    help wait time

    I look lvn so I can't find out on the website ND today is my 3rd week hoping for my letter
  9. meowverine

    help wait time

    Thank you í ½í¸Š
  10. meowverine

    help wait time

    Unfortunately I took the lpn so i do not have that option
  11. meowverine

    help wait time

    Thank you do you mind keeping me updated when you do (:
  12. meowverine

    help wait time

    I took my test Jan 15 2015 in California I was wondering if you took the test in California how long till you got your official results (:
  13. meowverine

    PVT Payment Declined NCLEX PN 2015 CA

    Hello I went this similar situation last year it unfortunately does mean you fail I'm sorry please don't give up it took me 3 times and I finally got a good popup this year í ½í¸Š
  14. meowverine

    official results for California

    How long has it taken you to get you official results in California I took my test Jan 15 2015 please and thank you !
  15. meowverine

    please help

    pretty sure you passed I got bad pop up failed I bet you passed love think positive
  16. meowverine

    please help

    I failed