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  1. Hello. In a few months, I will be starting in my 2nd year, which means going into the specialty track. Anyone have any advice on how to get a practicum location, especially in the Central Florida area? Thank you so much for any advice. Nancy
  2. npham82

    Concept paper

    I'm interested also. I need ideas for my concept paper in nursing theory. Thank you.
  3. npham82

    Exam Motivation

    I felt the same when I failed back in October 2014 and finally passed January 2015. I felt lost and didn't know where to go. Holidays were coming up and I lacked motivation. I ended up doing Kaplan class to get motivation and direct me the right way , as in figuring out what I was doing wrong. I felt like I didn't know how to answer NCLEX questions. You have to find what went wrong to fix it to boost your confidence up. At least, that's what I did.
  4. I started with taking the Kaplan class to help figure out how and what to study.
  5. npham82

    NCLEX in 2 days

    So did you pass? Haha
  6. npham82

    PVT: Question of Character?

    I feel the same way when some people throw their cig butts out of their car window thinking Earth is their personal ash tray. I feel that it's wrong but others do not. Just sayin'
  7. npham82

    PVT: Question of Character?

    I feel that this thread was created just to fire people up on a sensitive topic like are you pro-life or pro-choice type of topic.
  8. npham82

    NCLEX in 2 days

    Future congrats!!! I wish you the best ☺️
  9. npham82

    Passing the NCLEX, Second Attempt

    Congrats! Doesn't it feel awesome to finally pass that horrible exam?!?! I wish you the best. ☺️
  10. npham82

    Pearson Vue trick doesn't work anymore

    I used an American Express gift card that had $1.50 on it and it worked for me
  11. npham82

    Do quick results ever come faster than 48 hours?

    Each state is different. I would Google your state and see what others have said about it.
  12. npham82

    Do quick results ever come faster than 48 hours?

    even doing it before 24 hours?
  13. npham82

    Do quick results ever come faster than 48 hours?

    I took my NCLEX at 0800 this morning and FL BoN hasn't posted anything yet. FL has been known to post after 24 hours of testing. The first time I took it, I took the exam at 1100 and I saw the FAIL status around 0630 the next morning on the FL BoN website. I don't think that the quick results come sooner than 48 hours. It will be close. I also understand the pressure you are feeling because I am feeling it as well. I did the PVT and received the "good pop up." I am hesitant to believe it since some people on here are stating to wait for 24 hours to take advantage of the PVT. I wish you luck and hope we both pass NCLEX and we can move forward with our lives.
  14. npham82

    I hope these tips help someone

    what is the 97 page study guide you speak of?
  15. npham82

    CNA's/PCT's how much do you make?

    I work for a hospital that is on the border of Illinois and Iowa and I make $10.45 base pay