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  1. ssgage2015

    Advice-Please! ASN or BSN-NYC

    I would say if you can do it just go for the BSN! I did LPN to ADN and I'm going for my BSN later this year. I got a late start, had kids worked HR for 13 yrs and then got laid off so I had to get something quick. I did the LPN route and landed a job and then went back and recently got my ADN! I was able to work and that helped me and getting my BSN online will also allow me to work. If you don't have a time crunch then do it all at once but if you want to get out and start making money and then get into the BSN program it's a win either way! Good luck!
  2. ssgage2015

    A&P 1 help

    This may sound silly but when I was studying A&P bones and muscle systems I actually google games to play to help learn those things. I found poke a muscle and whack a bone. I think these game were what made me memorize those mundane things we as nurses must know! Honesty it may not work for everyone but if it's fun and also helps you remember things then I'll try anything! I got a 96% on those tests! Good luck!
  3. ssgage2015

    Yay I passed!!

    It is such a nerve wracking wait!! Good luck to you I hope you get good news soon!
  4. ssgage2015

    At the top of my class...but awful in clinical!

    I think you are going to be a great nurse!! You have empathy! Think about all those nurses who would just move on never once thinking of the pain they may have caused. You are beating yourself up over something that really the patient probably never noticed! As students we are aware of every little thing we do or could've done better! That's what being a student is! You will be a fantastic caring nurse! I have done a lot of things I think of later that my patients never complained about but I make sure to try and improve! We are human just stick to it and continue to have empathy! Good luck!
  5. ssgage2015

    I could just cry right now..

    Seriously I was in your spot 3 days ago as I sat for my NCLEX! No one feels ready as we don't know what kinda of questions we will face! I got about 20 SATAs in 82 questions certain I failed! 3 days after a hold I passed!! I say take it! Treat each SATA as true/false! You will nail it! Good luck!
  6. ssgage2015

    Yay I passed!!

    Hey all I just wanted to let you know that the pvt on hold message isn't the kiss of death! I passed the NCLEX first try with 82 questions! I waited 3 days probably because of my palm scan and the quickness of my test, I was done in 35-40 mins! But I passed! I hope all of you in limbo get your pass soon!