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  1. What does your facility regarding pay?

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      Premium Pay: For call offs, weekends, Holidays, and above scheduled hours.
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      Baseline Pay: For Call offs, weekends and holidays.
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      Premium Pay plus, additional pay for other and/or same reasons.

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hello to all of you that know me!!! :)

what i need is a decent polling here before 1300 est friday.....your vote might help me out immensly. thank you in advance!!! :)

ok i had a hard time trying to come up with the appropriate questions for this too work. i am trying to get an idea, what other facilities are doing around the country. i need to get an idea by friday. thanks



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24 views....and only 3 votes? That really doesn't add up?

Colleen? 36 hrs to get some stats for a meeting i have Friday............thats what for.

me :)

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It seems like all hospitals have different terms for various pay rates; these are the ones I'm familiar with--they don't fit into the voting scheme, tho.

Base pay=your regular hourly salary

premium OT=1 1/2 x base for after 12 hours or after 40; also for certain holidays

deferential=extra $ for: nights, weekends, relief charge and a monthly premium for certification, or any combination thereof; a nurse who works relief charge on a weekend night can get ~ $7 extra an hour!

perdiem=nursing staff hired to work regularly as extra--they fill in availibility as they wish, but are required to work some weekends and holidays

registry=outside agency nursing personnel

"in-house" registry=regular staff sign up with a specific registry to extra shifts; they then make known their availibility to their own unit; they can ask to work 1 1/2 or 2x their base pay, and can earn that if needs cannot be fulfilled otherwise. They may be taken over registry because they are a known quantity--and it helps maintain SOME sort of quality care; sometimes nurses will "split" these shifts, only work 6 hours, and arrange for another nurse to come for the 2nd 1/2

We don't have "call" in our unit, so I'm not familiar w/how it is compensated.

I don't know what you mean be "call-off". Some agencies have a certain time by which the nurse must be canceled by the hospital, or the hospital is charged (and the nurse is paid) 2 hours "show-time"; or they can be told after 4 hours that they are not needed any longer, and only get paid for that 4 hours.

I hope you get what you need, Rick!



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Sorry my answers won't fit your questions.

I don't know how to answer it either.

Base rate for first 40 hours a week.....then T and 1/2 so first week was 48 hours 40 base, 8@ T 1/2

Second week 36 hours all at base....

3-11 (hours not shift as we only did 12s) got us $1.25 extra/hr

11-7 ( " ) got us $1.50 extra/hr

Sat and Sun $5/hr for RNs/ $3/hr for LPNs/ 0 for techs and secy...(don't know why they worked just as hard.)

5 holidays at T 1/2 if you worked em plus another day off or just the holiday at straight pay if you got it off.


Oh and if you got called in you just got paid whatever it would run according to which week it was.

If you were asked not to come in you had to take a vacation day in order to stay full time.


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I'd like to help you out. Like suggested above, could you clarify the choices on the poll? Are you looking for anyone to respond to the poll or people from a more specific hospital/area?

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A little confused about your choices:

Base pay for 40 hours a week regardless of you regularly scheduled hours. (ie: if you are a twelve hour person and are scheduled normally for 36 hours a pay, if you work over 4 hours it is still at base pay, unless you are filling a hole than see below)

Time and 1/2 for anything over 40

Rn's who fill-in when there are holes in the schedule (above their scheduled shifts) recieve a bonus of $40 for a 4 hour shift or $80 for an 8 hour shift. (Thats in addition to any time and 1/2 half you qualify for. { ie: If you are regularly scheduled for 36 hour a week and you work an additional 8 hour shift you receive base rate plus $40 for the first 4 hours, than time and1/2 plus $40 for the second 4 hours.} We've done this in attempt to encourage nurses to do over-time here rather than doing agency hours elsewhere.

Techs who fill in holes receive an additional $16 for a 4 hour shift as bonus. {Must work 4 hour blocks)

Holiday worked is time and 1/2, plus you are entitled to another day off with pay.

THere is also shift diff. 3p-11p is $3/hr. --- 11p-7a is $4/hr---

7p-7a is $4/hr. for RN's. Techs also get a shift diff but I'm not sure what it is.

Hope this helps

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Holidays--if you don't work them, you get your regular pay as if you had worked that day. If you do work them you get paid for that day again.

Calloffs--Does this mean being told not to come in because you are overstaffed? You're just SOL. No pay. If you're agency staff and are told to go home once you get there you are paid for 4 hours.

Over 40 hr/wk--Time and a half.

Weekends--an extra $.50/hr. Whoopee.


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Sorry, Rick, I didn't understand your classifications. Pay for call-offs? Not sure what you mean...

* We get straight time until 40 hours.

* Time-&-a-half for holidays.

* Shift differential of $0.25 (yes that's twenty-five cents), for offshifts and weekends.

* Have no idea what you mean by call-offs...coming in extra? Nothing special unless you exceed 40 hours and then you get time-and-a-half. There is no premium for coming in extra.

* We do not have "on-call."

Hope this helps and good luck!


Base pay for anything up to 80 hours.

Overtime (time and a half) - for any hours above 80 or if any extra shift was picked up at the last minute . Time and a half also for holidays.

Differential - 2.00/in addition to base after 1800, and on weekends

On call pay- 2.00/hr to sit at home until needed, then if called in full base pay with diff. if circumstances allow.


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We get time and 1/2 for anything over 40hrs.

Holidays are time and 1/2 plus another day off.

No premium or special diff for working weekends. Our shift diff for 3-11 and 11-7 is $.60/hr.

We have however just started a new weekend program. If you work more then 2 weekends in a month that third weekend you will be paid $30./hr. In other words if there's a call off and they call you to come in and you've already worked your two weekends you get $30./hr. Also on medsurg, pcu, rehab and icu they have started a new weekend alternative program. You get 4 paid weekends off a year(obviuosly work the rest), full medical benefits and tuition reimbursment. No sick time, holiday time or vacation. They pay $30./hr. It's not offered in the ER because we don't have a staffing problem.

Hope this helps.


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Base pay up to 40hrs

Time and a half for anything over 8hrs in a day or over 40hrs in a week.

Holiday differential is 10% for minor holidays, 50% for major holidays.

W/E differential is 10%

shift differential is $2.50 for 11-7. (used to be 15% of base hourly pay but was changed because mang. said it was too high compared to the hospitals around us. Now it is pro-rated with $2.50 being the highest)

Call offs? If you're talking about being cancelled, you either take no pay or use holiday, vacation, or personal time to make up the difference. If they forget to cancell you and you come in and get sent home, they must pay you for 3hrs.

If you work more than 24hrs OT in one month (has to be in 4 or 8 hr increments), your name gets put into a drawing and two people a month are picked out to receive $1200 or I think the a $1200 gift certificate to a travel agency.

If you are asked to work one or both days of your W/E off you get a 10% differential. Not many people are aware of this. It's an old policy that's been around for over 15yrs.

All differentials are hourly and may coexist as the situation warrants it.

Holiday time is pro-rated for under 40hrs. For 40hrs, if you work the holiday, you get holiday differential, plus 8hrs is added to your holiday bank. If you are schuduled off for a holiday, you get your base pay for that day.

Hope this helps!!


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pay for call offs = if somebody calls in sick, and they call you and ask you if you would come in and work, to cover for the absence.

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