I hate scrubs. Any have elastic?


I bought buttersoft and Landeau. I hate them because they're stiff. I hate them. I hate them. Did I mention I hate them?

Do any scrubs come with eleatic, so I freely move? Why aren't they like cotton t-shirts?

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I hate stiff scrubs too, I bought a pair of Urbane Performance scrubs and it feels like a tshirt and theyre soft and pretty durable and I absolutely love them.

If you want something a little more elastic feeling then I would suggest Smitten brand. Smitten even has a little strap for a badge so it doesn't pull your shirt neck down.

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Have you tried the Barco brands, like Gray's Anatomy or ICU? They are very soft and stretchy. And if you hang them up, the wrinkles just fall out of them.

I agree, Landau can be very stiff. My school uses them. They were very rough, but they have started to soften up. I have to iron them every time in order to look decent.


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I love all things Cherokee, especially the Luxe pants and perfect stretch tips. They're soo soft!


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Another problem I have is I need tall tops to be comfortable, and so far only landeau seems to have tall scrub tops in women's sizes. Barco and Urbane Performance don't seem to make tall. I know I can buy men's or unisex, but that looks awful. Thanks for the suggestions.


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I just bought some Carrheart. They are awesome. They have lots of stretch and lots of pockets. Great for the ER.

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Jockey is smooth and the black pants look professional almost except for the cargo pocket.


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I've ordered some new stuff. Not in tall, it seems that isn't going to happen. I'll check out your suggestions apples and misty. Thanks!

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Have you considered contacting a local 'seamstress' to create scrubs that fit your exact specifications? There are plenty of commercially available patterns for all types of scrubs & you just have to purchase the fabric. It's not as expensive as you think. Local fabric stores usually have the name of reliable seamstresses.


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Peaches comfort line has elastic pants, and they're flexible. Not like cotton flexible, but definitely not rigid.


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I found my happy brand! Wonderwink. They're like yoga pants and a t-shirt! I'm so glad that's over.