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  1. mistyp88

    WGU: Pre-Licensure BSN

    AfreeRN23 I just graduated in June and have taken and passed my NCLEX. Not much as changed, there are few changes that happened along the program after us, but not much. My clinicals were at LakePointe hospital in Rowlett. That was for ICU, Med Surg I and II. Psych was at Nexus. For community I was able to schedule my own. I went to a nursing home for patients with demenita and I also went to an elementary school with a nurse. Pediatrics I was able to schedule myself. I work at a pediatric urgent care so that worked for me. Others were sent to a head start program. I loved the program overall. I really feel that they prepared me for the NCLEX. There will always be hiccups along the way with any program, but I really enjoyed the self pace of the program. My advice is to work ahead as much as possible and to not procrastinate. I was able to work ahead enough to have a little time off before the next term. Sometimes I would work on classes for the next term as well. I hope I answered enough for you. If you need anything else please feel free to reach out.
  2. mistyp88

    Prelicensure Clinical Schedule

    We got our last clinical schedule with very little notice as well and was told that we were being put on nights. Would not have been as bad if we had our schedule sooner. I get the impression that they don't care if it works with our life or not.
  3. mistyp88

    WGU: Pre-Licensure BSN

    I am in the Dallas cohort and what was stated above is all true. I am able to switch my scheduled days around, but you will not get your scheduled days until about 1-2 weeks before the blocked time. Labs are on the weekends so you will be good for lab. It could be night, day, weekend or weekday; it just depends on your coaches schedule. Good luck. I like the program so far. It fits with my time.
  4. mistyp88

    Pre-Licensure Clinicals

    I am currently in the Dallas cohort. They like to get the schedules out 2 weeks in advance, but it is not a guarantee. I have a classmate that commutes about 4 hours. She stays with another classmate, but her schedule is random and her days were not all in a row. You are scheduled the shifts of your coach and they may not be all in a row. This last clinical she ended up staying a week and a half due to her coaches schedule change and she had to take off work more days. They tell you that you have to be completely flexible and free during those clinical and lab dates. The lab dates are set as well and no make ups from what I have experienced. Hope this helps. It would be doable, just depends on how flexible you are.
  5. mistyp88

    Western Governors University

    I am currently in the pre-licensure program. I did most of my pre req's at my local community college. I had a lot of the classes anyways from my previous degree. I do work full time and I am in my first clinical rotation. It is not easy, but it is doable. You have to be completely free and flexible for the 2 weeks of clinical. This term we have two clinical rotations that are five shifts each. The labs are set and are on weekends. You have to attend lab. Not really any make up days for that. This term there are 7 lab days, all on the weekend. The first 6 months of the program are pre nursing classes, I flew those pretty fast and got done before the term ended. In the second term the classes are not as self paced. You do have hard date deadlines, but can move at a faster pace if you like. I have financial aid that has covered everything so far. Hope that helps. So far I really like the program.
  6. mistyp88

    WGU Prelicensure Dallas, Texas

    My schedule this term is September and December. Next term is March and May.
  7. mistyp88

    WGU Prelicensure Dallas, Texas

    Julie, The clinicals are set once you receive your schedule. They made it clear that you kind of get what you get. They said to be totally free and flexible for those couple of weeks for clinical. You could have nightshift, dayshift, weekend or holiday. As far as the nursing courses, they are moving pretty fast and you really can't work at your own pace. They have a pacing guide and you have to stay on it or risk being behind. Pre-nursing courses were kind of at your pace and finish by deadline or end of term.
  8. mistyp88

    WGU Prelicensure Dallas, Texas

    We are just entering the first real semester of the nursing portion. I felt the pre-nursing curriculum was easy to handle with full time and work and family. I was able to finish a month early and added 2 classes onto the term. We are in week 3 and it has been a little heavy with lots information, not unrealistic, but still have to sacrifice some of my family time. I have been able to study at work as well, which helps. Not much time for personal activities, but my choosing to study every possible moment. Lab days are on the weekends about every other month. In the first term there are about 9 lab days. Clinicals are spread out some. In the first term there are 2 clinical times, hours are completed in a 2 week period, sometimes 3. They are not flexible with that schedule. Once you are scheduled, those are your days. No options or choice of days/nights/weekends. I believe that WGU provides you with lots of tools necessary to succeed. The mentors are great, lots of support and they want you to succeed. I suggest start talking to an enrollment counselor and begin the process. Do you have medical experience? It will help greatly. Hope that helps.
  9. I am not very good in math and found the pre-assessment difficult. I studied for about 5 weeks and used Kahn Academy online to help with things I did not understand. They give you lots of material to study and reach out to the course mentors and math help line. The math help line was very helpful to me. I passed the OA on the first try and I am not a math person.
  10. mistyp88

    I need help with the WGU Statistics class

    I felt that the pre was very similar to the assessment. Go to Kahn Academy online and it has videos that help explain things. I am not very good in math. I studied about 4 to 5 weeks and took all 3 pre assessments and scored higher each time and my final assessment I made the highest score. If I can do it you can too.
  11. mistyp88

    what classes to start first?

    I just finished pre nursing and my student mentor set up my classes for me and I was able to fly through them relatively quickly. Biochem I finished in about 4.5 weeks (only tasks; lots of drawings and essays), stats 5 weeks (only an objective assessment; about 67 questions). I finished 20 credit units in my 1st term in 5 months. I now have a month break and could have fit one more class in. It is very self paced and usually easy to get through quickly. Good Luck.
  12. mistyp88

    Where to buy cheap scrubs?

    A bit of advice, when you do have more money, spend a little more on scrubs because they will last longer. The low price scrubs don't last long, fade, and over time do not look good. You will be buying more scrubs. Also, with the first wash put a little vinegar in the wash to help with fading.
  13. Carrheart has some awesome stretchy scrubs with lots of pockets. Unsure of petite sizes though.
  14. mistyp88

    Statistics and BioChem at WGU

    I really enjoyed the Biochem through WGU. It was lots of tedious tasks and writing a few essays, but very doable and not hard. No exam or assessment to take. I just finished Statistics. I am not a math person and felt a lot of stress with the class. That being said I passed the assessment on first try. I took about 4.5 to 5 weeks to study for the exam. The course mentors are great and provide lots of resources and have a math help line that is very helpful and they want to you succeed.
  15. mistyp88

    WGU Pre-Licensure Dallas, TX Jan. 2015 Co-Hort

    Was thinking about the train as well.
  16. mistyp88

    WGU Pre-Licensure Dallas, TX Jan. 2015 Co-Hort

    How much is parking? I haven't been down there in so long. I hope the weather cooperates as well.