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Vana21 has 5 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in Cath Lab.

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  1. Vana21

    8 interviews and no offer

    I've been interviewing since April for a school position in a district and have gone on about 8 interviews ranging from elementary to high school. Only 3 have responded back, and only 1 said their reasoning was lack of experience. I've been a nurse for 3 years and was a tele tech for 4 previously, all at the same hospital. My nursing was a general adult ICU for 6 months for training and the rest has been cath lab. I don't have pedi experience which I know is what is hurting me the most. I'm at a loss at what to do and if I should even keep trying. Any tips to make myself seem more valuable?
  2. Cath lab is very high stress with a lot of on call. The on call cases are pretty emergent and even higher stress. You can come in to work at 0700, stay until 9pm, get called in at midnight, be back home at 0300, get called back in at 0500 and stay until 7pm again. It is very rewarding and good money, but if you are looking for less stress it is not a good place to go for that.
  3. Vana21

    Light Duty in Cath Lab?

    you can see if they will allow you to go to the holding pre/post area for the pregnancy term
  4. Vana21

    What is a post cath interventional unit like?

    I would assume it would be like a cath lab recovery area which would include pulling sheaths, watching groin sites for bleeding or retroperitoneal bleeding, taking down and off TR bands and doing EKGS and post labs with education and maybe discharging outpatients. It can be considered critical care and would be a good first job for a new grad
  5. Vana21

    I need to know everything about cath lab

    I work in a small cath lab that only runs 2 rooms, and we also prep and recover our patients. We are nurse dominant. My sister hospital I go to has about 7 rooms and a separate holding/recovery area. My hospital doesn't do all those fancy procedures, we stick to international radiology and cardiac caths. So a typical day would be to get there and look up my patients on the schedule. If im circulating or monitoring, I will get my patient from holding and bring them to the procedure room and get them hooked up to our monitor. I make sure the sterile table and tech have everything they need. We help drape the patient with the sterile drape. I get the manifold connected to the art line system connected. Then we wait for the doc. When they get there we time out and start the procedure. We give sedation and monitor the patient, not anesthesia. As a circulator, you will be pushing meds, grabbing wires, catheters, and other supplies, monitoring the patient, making sure the contrast bottle doesn't run out, reminding the patient to stop moving their arms or legs. After the procedure we make sure certain medications are given like plavix if needed. We get the pt back on the bed and move them out, and get the next one in. The worst part about cath lab is the call, and it is also the best part. I take about 4-5 days of call a week, and I get called in sometimes never in a week, sometimes 3 in a day. There is no pattern. You get called in at 3am and are there with a tech and maybe another nurse or tech. The patient might be ok, or they might have just coded 4 times. They might code again on the table.
  6. Vana21

    heparin med error

    Heparin in that small dose to an adult generally won't do a whole lot. In cath lab for a procedure, we regularly give 2 to 3 times that amount. The half life if Heparin is about 30 minutes. No real harm done thankfully for you, but the potential was there. Everyone makes mistakes and I bet from now on you will remember this event and use it for the best
  7. I was deadset on being in ER and eventually doing Life Flight I ended up in Cath Lab and I enjoy it probably more then I would have enjoyed ER
  8. Vana21

    Disturbing Conversation on Overweight Healthcare Workers

    I'm considered morbidly obese according to BMI I can also run 3 miles without stopping. I'm rarely sick, my blood work is fine. It's subjective
  9. Vana21

    Are 24-Hour Open Visitation Policies a Bad Idea? (Yes)

    My ICU is in a little community hospital. We have 2 person visitation from around 7am to 9:30pm, and one person can stay overnight. We haven't really had any issues with it other then people trying to have more then 2 people during the day
  10. Vana21

    Pearson View Trick 2016

    Does not work. My class tested it in January and we had fail/good popup, fail/bad popup, pass/good popup, and me personally had pass/bad popup
  11. Vana21

    How I feel when giving insulin.

  12. It's a stupid humor thats exaggerated but anything's funny after a hard day Here's a link (sorry about the ads): http://bestream.tv/4Jsh/Bobs-Burgers-S06E10-HDTV-x264-KILLERS.html?pt=wlK%2FYDtrHQ5VGBWTNzTbOCRUupDN43Qm ozAr8AYSbNI%3D
  13. It's pretty funny about a lice epidemic.
  14. Vana21

    Healthcare-related "what the heck?!?!" dreams

    I have a reoccuring dream where I am sleeping in a patients bed (without a patient in it) and I wake up (at this point i have my eyes open and looking around my own room but still mostly asleep) and I get bad anxiety and I think "oh no I fell asleep in a patients room if someone sees me I'll be in such big trouble, better stay awake." I'll be sitting up for some period of time before I end up going back to sleep.
  15. I used an app called My Homework and at the start of the semester I would put all due dates in there so I would never miss something. Helped tremendously because I am one to lose a planner. Also, if you like technology, get ebooks. You can highlight the same, and bookmark and it has a built in dictionary and you can make notes as well. Saved my back and DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP!
  16. Vana21

    Memorial Herman Spring 2016 Residency

    I applied a week ago and was contacted about match day yesterday I wonder how they trim it down more after that