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  1. SoaringOwl

    Being let go during orientation in ICU

    Wow, ICU is such a hard place to start. I admire anyone who has the courage to try to tackle that at any point in their career, much less from day 1. hyed, I also can't see something once and memorize it. I'm a former special ed teacher, and all of us special ed teachers know this old Chinese saying: Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember. Involve me, I'll understand." It's normal to need hands-on practice before you master a skill, watching is not enough. Most preceptors don't have degrees in education, so they don't know this. Your concerns sound normal to me, and maybe your employer is expecting too much from a new grad. I hope you're in a residency and not just an orientation. I believe every new nurse in a hospital needs more than orientation, we need support for a while to become good nurses. Good luck. I'm sending you positive energy.
  2. SoaringOwl

    Two weeks in, and I need a vacation!

    I live in FL. Everyone who isn't a millionaire gets treated like trash down here. Once I get that precious one year of acute care under my belt I'm so outta here... Edited to add: I sent an e-mail to the US department of labor. I can't find any helpful information on whom to contact in FL state government (ha, no surprise there.)
  3. SoaringOwl

    Two weeks in, and I need a vacation!

    So I talked to me educator about it this morning. She said we were provided time during orientation to do the training, which is true, so they're saying it's my fault for not getting them done. I had 42 modules to do in 4 hours. This is an unreasonable time frame, as the modules are lengthy. I got through maybe 10-15 of them. I didn't even mention the homework every week. I'm so ****** off about this.
  4. SoaringOwl

    Declining a position after accepting it.

    Most decent apartments won't rent to you unless you're making 3X the rent. I was offered a job I really wanted, but the pay was $20 an hour. All the 1b/1b apartments were $1200-1800 a month in safe areas. On $2880 a month, I wouldn't qualify as a renter. Even with differentials, I'd probably make enough to qualify, but it would still be tight. I turned the job down and told them the low pay was why. I agree with you about the roommate. No college-educated professional should be paid so little they need to get a roommate. What is this world coming to? That makes me very angry. It seems that all the other residents in the job I turned down are getting together as roommates, like that's okay. Like it's normal to go to school for 4 years, then still not be able to afford your own place. Unreal! I wish I had some advice for you. It's a hard choice. I ended up finding a job that will easily pay $50,000, so there is hope. There are well-paying jobs out there. Have you tried N. Dakota, Minnesota, and needy places like that?
  5. SoaringOwl

    NP or PA?

    My guess would be more males than females are PA's. Men always get paid more. Also, it seems that there's more PA's in the hospitals than in primary care, and primary care pays less. These are pure guesses based on what I've experienced. Personally, I'd never dream of becoming a PA. I don't want to be glued to a dr. I want to be independent.
  6. SoaringOwl

    Two weeks in, and I need a vacation!

    That is so unreasonable. I can't believe it! Well, I mean I can believe it, but I don't want to. Just despicable! My hospital offers internships as well, but they're paid at the standard rate.
  7. SoaringOwl

    Two weeks in, and I need a vacation!

    Thanks. That's what I thought. I've got my latest homework assignment sitting here, and it's due tomorrow. I feel like going to the hospital and clocking in, doing it, and clocking out. I wish I knew of some anonymous way to complain, because I'm in an at-will state and they can fire me at anytime. State labor board?
  8. SoaringOwl

    Keeping up the RN license

    Ouch, the jab wasn't needed. I'm brand-new at this. My last career kept track of our credits for us and we had meetings about what is required for certification and where we could go to get free credits. I guess nursing isn't that organized or thoughtful about it.
  9. SoaringOwl

    When did it become OK to treat your nurse like poo?

    Or take a phone call when I'm trying to assess them and expect me to wait while they chat??? What the f?? People, my time is limited. Call them back later. Cell phone blockers should be legal in hospitals. And I should be able to disable the room phone while I'm in there. This phone thing is really slowing me down. (My patients are mostly entitled rich people)
  10. SoaringOwl

    USF BSN & ABSN Hopefuls Summer 2015

    We had that too. They've been talking about spreading ms 1 and ms 2 out into different semesters forever. I guess they still haven't figured it out yet. I felt a little discombobulated that semester, but it all came together during final preceptorship.
  11. SoaringOwl

    Keeping up the RN license

    Hi, Can someone clue me in to what we need to do to keep up our licence? I have been meaning to ask my nurse educator, but I rarely see her. Do we just keep copies of CEU's and turn them in when due, or as we go along? Does anyone have a website with free or cheap CEU's? How many CEU hours do we need per year? I think we need HIV and med errors. Anything else? I also have a license in another state, so are there any special considerations there? Just mail the same credits to them? Thanks soooo much to anyone who can help.
  12. SoaringOwl

    TGH or St. Joseph's? Which is better?

    My friend is at TGH in the acute care residency. She loves seeing the different units and trying them on for size for a few weeks and being able to choose her final unit. That's pretty awesome. Her biggest complaint is that you have to park far away and take a shuttle. It takes her 20 min-1/2 hour to get from her car to her work. That eats up an hour a day, so it's a serious consideration. Especially in bad weather. I get to park in a garage connected to my hospital and will never get rained on. Good luck to you! You must be a great candidate to have options in a time when most new grads can't get one job offer.
  13. SoaringOwl

    Two weeks in, and I need a vacation!

    I'd rather be at work on Christmas, making time and a half, than a homework assignment that pays nothing. I'm thinking of jumping ship and going to another job I was offered. I really don't want to do homework and readings and online modules off the clock. My thoughts exactly. I'm in a great hospital, and the nurses all get out of work on time and there's really not much else to complain about, but I'm not happy about the off-the-clock requirements. A paid classroom day is one thing, unpaid homework is quite another. I'm not getting CE credit for it, either.
  14. SoaringOwl

    Patient satisfaction or patient dissatisfaction

    Like the patient I recently had who wanted a free ambulance to the hospital 65 miles away, simply because he didn't like our terrible, no good, very bad hospital. Sorry, it doesn't work like that pal! You can drive yourself, but no free ambulance! He threw such a hissy fit I almost called security. We won't get good scores from that guy. It feels like the majority of people these days are unreasonble.
  15. SoaringOwl

    Patient satisfaction or patient dissatisfaction

    I hate the waitress mentality we're teaching the patients and their families to have. My last hospital expected nurses and aides to make coffee for the patients and their families. I was dumbfounded when a patient's family member asked me for a cup of coffee on my first day. I told him where the cafeteria was, and that he can get coffee there. He said, "Don't you guys make coffee?" I was immediately corrected by a passing CNA, who made the man coffee at the nurse's station. So from then on I made coffee, and of course there's never enough milk or cream or sugar, and I always had to go get more. And my favorite is when they'd chuck it out, saying it's lousy. Well, I didn't go to barista school so $(%* you! Thankfully, my new hospital doesn't expect us to make coffee. I hope they don't get any ideas...
  16. Holy cow. I'm in my second week of orientation and new grad residency, and I need a vacation already! They've got me working 4 12's in the next 5 days, in addition to homework assignments that are due on Monday, and already they want to meet to discuss my progress. I'm supposed to have time to reflect on my progress when??!!! Not today, I'm spending Xmas today doing homework.... To make matters worse, I'm a nocturnal creature, and I'm orienting on dayshift, and I can't even hear myself think with all the noise and confusion of dayshift. I wouldn't work dayshift if it paid 100 grand a year! Dios mios! How am I going to get through a whole year like this? I'd feel so much better if I were doing 2 12's on the floor and a third day for all the meetings and simulation. It's hard to do 3 12's AND residency classes. Thanks for reading my rant. I know I'll get through it, but I could really, REALLY use a vacation!

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