I hate microbiology

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I have a micro exam on Thursday and I am having the most difficult time getting motivated. This class is so boring! The sad part is that this is my last pre-req before I begin the nursing program in August. I did so well in everything else, I'd hate for this to be my demise...



Brotha, I hate micro tooo

Ahhh, I feel your pain. Im trying to be positve about this class ya know. Just keep reminding yourself that You can use what you are learning and apply it to Nursing..

This fall I will enter Nursing 3 Thank God. I am almost done!

You will be there soon enuff!!


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Todd - I hated Micro too. I hated it so much the first time I took it that I never went to class and got a D. For the sake of my ego I retook it even though I didn't need to for my (first) major, and got a B. Now in my nursing pre-reqs (the ones I didn't take in my previous undergrad days), I got all As. Just goes to show you how having absolutely no interest in something can affect your performance.

Good luck. I feel your pain.



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I liked the Lab but not the Lectures:)


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When I took Micro I took an instant dislike to the subject matter - and it was hard. I also thought it was ruining my 4.0 GPA (even though I did get an "A" at the very end) and felt that much of what I was learning wasn't particularly relevant to nursing.

Boy was I wrong! I began to learn just how relevant it was from my first day of clinicals. Now I am a graduate nurse scheduled to begin my new job in Infectious Disease/AIDS at a major teaching hospital next month - and I am scrambling to review and relearn much of what I thought was so irrelevant in Micro! And even if I was on a general med-surg floor - I would still be reviewing the same subject matter since much of nursing care revolves very heavily around those little microbes.

Just try to get through it and understand that later on it will make more sense. Denise

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I'm in Micro too. AND boy, are we ever loaded up on the homework! I think she's literally trying to kill us! (So we can be examined to see what type of microorganism an over abundance of homework causes...)

But I know I HAVE to push through in order to get any type of a grade and have ANY chance of being accepted into the ASN program next year...

Good luck to us all!


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I Dislike Microbiology ALSO! THat is my last pre-req that I still have not done yet. Im in the LPN program now So i dont need it, but when I start my LPN to RN I would need to have done it... URGH!!! how do I get through it... I feel like Im taking a foreign language!:confused:

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I loved Microbiology, it was so easy. Both the lab and the lectures. I had the best teacher also. His name was Curtis Manley. Im sure hes dead by now but he was fantastic.


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Oh, oh , Oh!

I just finished micro 3weeks ago. Let mmme tell yoouuu! This teacher is a Bacteriologist at a major teaching hospital. Oh, my God. Need I say more. I think I will. This instructor turned micro into a disaster. My brain was fried daily and I was stressed out weekly.

His class was so hard. He graded on a curve. but guess what... 12 out of 24 students were pre-med, so that screwed the curve up. "Curve Killers" Gotta love em.

Micro dropped my sci/math gpa.

However, the class may become more interesting for you when he starts talking about viruses, and common bact. that affect us. As single male, it taught me allot about STD's that H.S health class did not.

Center yourself, and just pass the class. The labs can be a *****. Especially the "Unknowns". This was a JR. College class, but he definetly taught on subjects from a higher micro class.ie.. I took Intro to micro233. The second half of the semester was def.236. If I ever had to take a god forbid it, higher micro course I definitely would not have a hard time.

So, I go a "C", for which I earned, and damn proud of it. I know allot of people who go D's. in the other classes. This "C" was a "I came to class "C" is listened and participated, no an "applied my myself and studied". The class was so boring that I could not bare to do homework.

Be strong center yourself and pass that damn class so that you never have to see him/her again.

P.S There are not that many micro teachers to choose from in most schools. So, you better pass it.


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I agree with happy stu. In addition, if your taking micro at a college known for nursing, your proff. will relate everything to a clinical scenario. I work in a rehab hospital, but every now and then take a look at lab reports drawn on patients.

Trust me if you have a good prof. you be able to read those lab values and know exactly what they mean. It also helps me in the ICU setting. Epecially when the nurse says in report this patients has a certain diesease. You just about will the the virus or bact. that causes the symptoms. The more I progress with my pre-reqs it helps me as a CNA and. It makes me very eager to start nursing sch. Study hard learning you anitmicrobics, it will definitely show up later. By the time your finished with micro, you'll just about know what meds your patients are on.

I am so excited about nursing. It's such a learning exp. I read allot of post about NA's .

If you are a NA looking to learn , find you a good nurse and latch on to one who is willing to mentor. Go in the room with her when she is doing her dressings and inject. You never know she may let you do the injection. I get so sick of reading about NA's getting blasted. I makes it very hard for the rest who desire to be true professionals.


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I loved micro and ended up with a B. I find that in school nursing you use many concepts. I'm dealing with communicable diseases on a daily basis, as well as using concepts I learned in epidemiology (which I loved also). I find myself buying books on the history of certain diseases, and some books that are out about current conditions. Small pox, Aids, germ warfare, SARS, etc all interest me. I LOVED the book "The Hot Zone" , and have quite a library of similar books. People look at me like I'm nuts, because this type of subject is what I read in my spare time. And all the Germ warefare stuff-fascinating!

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I absolutely LOVED microbiology. My instructor was really...well...prickly, but she taught me so much and I got a lot out of the class. The lab was the best though - playing with 'bugs' was fun. :D

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