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I got the job!! I'm going to be an OB Scrub Tech!!! I'm so psyched!!! The NM took about forever getting back to me about it, but it was good news, so what the hey! I start August 15th, so I'm sure I'll be hanging out in the OB threads a whole lot more. Thanks for the finger-crossing, y'all!!

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jaflower.....CONGRATULATIONS ON LANDING YOUR NEW JOB!!! :balloons: :) You sound so very happy, and I hope the job is everything you want it to be and more. :kiss


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i got the job!! i'm going to be an ob scrub tech!!! i'm so psyched!!! the nm took about forever getting back to me about it, but it was good news, so what the hey! i start august 15th, so i'm sure i'll be hanging out in the ob threads a whole lot more. thanks for the finger-crossing, y'all!!

:balloons: congratulations on the new job!!!!

enjoy it, learn all you can, and enjoy some more :)


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:balloons: congratulations jaflower!

welcome to ob! i will say that i am quite proud to be part of such an awesome group of ob nurses here! :D



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Thank you!:)


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congratulations and all the best to you! :balloons:


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Well WOOOOHOOO for YOU! I am very happy for you. best wishes!


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Congrats, dahlin'! ;)


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Hope that you enjoy your new job! Congrats on getting it!


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Congrats on your new job! It is a great honor to be in on a delivery of a new baby!



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You guys are great!! Thanks for all the congrats!! :roll

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