I got accepted! =)


Wow, i cannot believe this day came. only 2 years ago it was my dream, and now i will be living it. I was so worried i was going to be waitlisted b/c NVCC is one of the hardest community colleges to get into for the nursing program in the state of CT. Now i just have to fully concentrate on my remaining pre reqs. Everyone who is still waiting, keep your heads up and you are bound to get in!


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I am so proud of you! Congratulations!


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Grats. It's a great feeling.


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I am so happy for you. I will find out the end of this month or begining of next month if I will be accepted or not. It would be nice if I get accepted for the fall semester, but if not spring2012 is a must! I am attending Jackson State Community College.


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Whooohoo thats great! A lotta weight off your shoulders!

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Congrats...I am here in tears. Got rejected I am number 21,on the waitlist..


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I got accepted to NVCC too!!! I know exactly how you feel, I've been doing pre-reqs for 2 years too and now this seems unreal, I'm so happy I can call myself a "nursing student" now. I was so nervous, because NVCC is so competitive, but we did it. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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i wonder if i know you?! lol. congrats to you also!!! wow my nerves can't stop. all of our hard work paid off. and finally, i can stop worrying about the TEAS! im glad i dont have to retake it.


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I'm taking APII, what are you taking? Yes, I'm so glad I don't have to retake teas, especially since its TEAS V.