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supermotojen specializes in ICU/ CCU.

Ex-motorcycle racer now Nursing student at Bakersfield College.

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    evs aide

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    How do you remember?

    Sorry, I left out about making a bed! The things I do to make it easier for me: 1) Communicate with your patient so they always know what you're doing. 2) Encourage the patient to help you as much as possible if they can! Ask them to roll to the side and help them over by supporting their hip and back, have them hold onto the handrail while you tuck (dirty) under them and make one half side of the bed (tuck clean under). Then have them help you roll them to the other side and pull (dirty) out and pull clean through. You would be surprised how much strength some people have to hold onto the rail, even being sick. 3) Make sure the bed is raised up to working level, you should not be bending over to make it. Lower it back down when you're done. 4) When finished I always thank the patient for doing such a great job helping me out! If someone is incapable of helping at all, or a very large person too heavy for you to move-get help. The other night I had this situation where I couldn't support someone and he couldn't hold himself up. I asked one of the other CNAs if she could help me, and she did. Later on, I ended up helping her with one of her patients. Teamwork!
  3. supermotojen

    How do you remember?

    I'm in the same boat as you! This week is my 2nd week on the job, orienting with an experienced CNA. I was pretty overwhelmed my first 2 days...I noticed that some of the CNAs carry notebooks in their pockets with pt room numbers and list their notes (vitals,i&o, etc) throughout the whole shift. The girl I'm working with has a small clipboard for all her notes, and does charting halfway thru shift and near the end before report. I think all of the things to remember will come naturally with job experience. I will be keeping a small notebook on me though, just to be accurate! It really seems like so many things to do! We can never really stick to a strict schedule (with call lights going off all the time), but I have been starting to get into a routine by following a general timeframe to get everything done. I have also been making a big effort to do things on my own so I can get used to the job, and if I need anything I'll just ask someone for help. Others know what it's like to be new to a job and most of the time are totally willing to help. Don't worry I'm sure after a few weeks you'll have everything down.
  4. supermotojen

    First day tomorrow (yikes)..wish me luck!

    Good luck!! Try to get rest, eat a good meal, make sure you're hydrated, and trust that your co-workers will be there to help. Don't hesitate to ask questions- everyone has had a "1st day at the new job" at some point in their lives.
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    New CNA grad, Hospital & Smells!!!

    I was thinking the same thing! I just had 2 pts with it the other night (one that had it in a gangrenous ulcer on their leg), and many of them have stinky pee. Vicks under your nose will work to diffuse smells. This would be a good job to get to OVERCOME the smells...After awhile you don't notice most of them.
  6. supermotojen

    My first CNA job!

    You are right, It's sure going to be rough at first to get in the swing of the job. But- I love fast paced work and have always had hard-working ethics on the job and in school, I like to be busy and a little overwhelmed at times, that's what keeps work interesting for me. I am also going into the RN program this Fall and cannot wait to start working like crazy- it just suits me to a "T". It may suck at first, but that will eventually pass. Thanks for the heads up
  7. supermotojen

    My first CNA job!

    How exciting!! I am also starting a new CNA job at one of our local hospitals in Med/Surg/ortho tomorrow night! I am working 3 12s per week on night shift. I am thrilled, but also a little nervous! I am working with another experienced CNA as well, and hoping I will learn some time management skills pertaining to that area of the hospital from her. I think with any job, it's just a matter of getting into a comfortable and effective routine. Good luck with your new job and congrats on landing it!
  8. supermotojen

    Best way to get a hospital job as CNA?

    I recently acquired a "casual" position as a housekeeper/EVS associate, and worked in that dept for a month, to gain general hospital knowledge and get my foot in the door. I began applying for full-time CNA jobs and got an offer in my 1st interview, I start the CNA job tomorrow. There was no probationary period (ie. 3 or 6 mos) because I was "casual/on call" status. Maybe you could try something like this? or maybe sign up for a pt transport position? Best of luck!
  9. Our hospital uses "gel in-gel out" and wash with isolation,etc
  10. supermotojen

    what I learned my first year as an RN

    I am not yet a nurse, but I really enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing, happy nurses week!!!