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  1. It seems as if I wrote this thread lol.. I have a 20 month old, a supportive fianc'e, a full time job and i just got accepted into JU's AG-ACNP program (Part time) - So it will take me an extra year to finish when comparing it to the full time program. Anyway, I am nervous as well, even though I chose the part time route. On the other hand, i do think that now is the best time to go to school because at this age they are too young to remember everything. I always remind myself that at least i won't be missing any soccer or baseball games yet, and have him realize it. My son also goes to day care 4 days a week, but i think when i officially start school in August, i will enroll him 5 days a week so i can have an extra study day. A lot of people are in the same boat. It feels bitter sweet now. When were in our programs i'm sure it will feel debilitating, but as long as you prepare yourself for the sacrifices then everything will be okay and fall into place. You got this! We got this!
  2. JLV5646

    Off the clock

    I have been in MICU for 3 years and looking to further my career. Becoming a CRNA is an option I would like to explore...On the other hand, I look at the NP's and PA's who I work with on the unit and they are so miserable with their balance between work and home life. They work approx. 96 hours/ week sometimes, while also flipping back and forth between night shift and day shift:eek: . They spend more time at work, than they do at home. I don't want that to be me. I want to make sure that if I go through with becoming a CRNA, I will be able to enjoy time with my family and have time for my family. Do you? Having said all that I'd like to ask you all, who are CRNA's, some basic questions regarding work and life. Do you have time for your family? How many hours/week do you work? What dept. do you specialize in? Do you think it is feasible to start the CRNA program with a 2 year old? Was CRNA school worth the debt school put you in? and approx. how much debt? I really would love to hear your response and personal experience. Thank you.
  3. JLV5646

    What do you wish you had known?

    What do you wish you had been told about becoming a nurse before going to nursing school? Hmmm... Lots! I wish I knew the realism of the stressors in this profession in relation to my body and my psyche. Being a staff nurse sucks. In my opinion I cannot stand it. What you see on TV is not what nursing entails. I was so eager to learn hands on and work in a fast paced environment that now I don't know why I even wanted that. You barely get a lunch break and when you do you're eating in front of your computer charting and getting interrupted by call buttons. There is more charting than patient interraction. I wish I chose a different field.
  4. JLV5646

    Moving to Florida

    I moved to florida (I am Northern Florida) from CT last year. I know up north the hospitals had LPN's. Down South is another story. I honestly don't think they hire LPN's. Instead, hospitals hire patient care technicians (PCT's). PCT's are nurses assistants, and i'm sure that would be a pay cut. Also, moving down south is a big pay cut from up north. Good luck to you.
  5. JLV5646

    How many would love nursing if?

    I would love nursing if the patient's were all sedated!
  6. JLV5646

    Nursing Specialties - Dream Job

    My dream job is definitely not in the field of nursing!!!!
  7. JLV5646

    If you work nights, what are your days off like?

    I work 3- 12hour nights per week and nights suck!!! My sleep schedule is putting a toll on me emotionally and physically. Because I am tired all of the time, I sleep all of the time. This has been making me so lazy and depressed. I am not motivated to do anything anymore. I think im getting too much sleep, but i do try to stay up like a normal human being on my days off.
  8. JLV5646

    Applying to CRNA school in 2016

    Hello Everyone! I am an RN currently working in the MICU and obtaining my BSN at the same time. I will obtain my BSN in March 2016 and at that time I will have 1yr & 10 months experience in the ICU. I am looking for some advice/feedback. How many schools should I apply to? Should i shadow the CRNA here at my current place of employment? How did you prep for the GRE? Any books to recommend? How did you prep for your interview? Do you remember any questions? Is there anything I should be focusing on in the ICU while im working? Or any general information and/or advice that you have would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your responses! ~Jillian
  9. JLV5646

    Nursing Internship in Connecticut

    Hello there! I lived in CT for 26 years. I just moved here to Florida this May and I miss CT already. CT is a very quaint state to live in; some rural lifestyle and some city lifestyle. The hospitals are great. I worked at Griffin Hospital on a telemetry floor and it is the nicest hospital i have worked at! I graduated in May 2013 and this was the first hospital i worked at. Griffin is a learning hospital; they embrace all of the newly hired nurses. The management team is superb on telemetry. It is the most structured & organized hospital I have worked at when comparing it to the other 2 I worked at. Griffin will always be my home & i consider it family :0) Other than that I heard that Waterbury Hospital has great pay for nurses and they are Union. St. Raphael's merged with Yale about 2 years ago. Yale is nice too and im sure excellent compensation. I didn't do an internship but i did work as a patient care technician which exposed me to a lot of nursing. I know for a fact that Griffin hires new nurses. Good luck!
  10. JLV5646

    M/s tele now want ICU position

    I would recommend taking extra certifications.. they will sway more towards considering you if you have your NIHSS Certification along with your ACLS or Pals. When I went for my interview for the IMCU I also told them that I want to grow with the hospital and become a preceptor once I become comfortable and gain a little bit more experience on the unit; normally management envy's that. I myself had 1yr of telemetry experience. You have 9 which is great!! Normally ICU's hire Tele nurses without ICU experience just because it is a step up from med/surg. Good luck!
  11. JLV5646

    Need help about a disease.

    when i think of diverticulum i think of a pocket.... because that is what it is... it's a pocket in the intestines (like a cave)... when something irritates that cave it becomes aggravated and inflammed which will then cause the discomfort the patient displays. soo.... Diverticulosis = the cave Diverticulitis = the inflammed cave
  12. JLV5646

    Nursing School and working

    i would not work more than 20 hrs. you say you love your job but they aren't being flexible with you. i would do what will benefit me in the long run, and that would be to accomodate my nursing school schedule. 16 hours is great. currently i work 20 hrs, maybe in the future i can knock of some more.
  13. JLV5646

    Posting your Exam Grades on Facebook

    No i don't think it's annoying. If your proud of your grade why not tell ur friends on facebook. With all that time of studying why should one have to hold back from telling people about their awesome grades?
  14. JLV5646

    Dosage Calculations

    hello... i was told by one of the nursing instructors to practice dosage calculations in the summer so that when i finally start the nursing program in the fall i will be familiar with it. does anyone have any advice when it comes to these calculations or any helpful websites, etc. thank you
  15. JLV5646

    What classes are you taking in the summer?

    i am going to take micro and psych201... once i am done with those two classes i will only have nursing classes to take! i am also a little nervous about taking two classes in the summer together... but i can do it, and so can you!!! bring on the stress!!
  16. JLV5646

    Do you keep your acceptance/denial letters?

    I'm going to frame my acceptance letter! Afterall, I did work hard for it!