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I Got A Date!!


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While waiting very impatiently for my date MPAC called today and offered me a cancelation for May 14, 15, 16 in Mansfield OH, I accepted. YEAH!!!! I have a date now! Very shortly after being thrilled for a date I realized its 4 weeks away, OMG! I am not even close to being ready.

On a good note I have read the studyguide once and I have all supplies for the labs, along with 2 email study buddies and have already attended Lynn's workshop a couple of weeks ago. I think if I set up a lab station and start memorizing today I can do this! Any feedback on Mansfield is appreciated. Words of encouragement are always welcome!

Knuckle down and you can do it. Good luck!

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No advice, but just wanted to say CONGRATS and GOOD LUCK!


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good luck christy, soon to be gn!!!


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you can do it!!!!


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Eeeeek!! I am excited and nervous on your behalf. Awaiting my own date. Congrats !!


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If you know your mneumonics you should be fine! Good luck!


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:anpom::anpom::hpygrp::anpom::anpom: You give me hope!!!! You got this far you can finish it - no problem!!!!!

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I'm attaching my Mansfield journal. It's from 2008, but other students have enjoyed it! :)



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Thank you guys so much for the words of encouragement! It really keeps me motivated.

Lisa, thank you so much for the journal but to tell you the truth I have been studying your journal since I started EC in August, I found it attached to post and loved it!! I didn't know it was yours, LOL! Thank you also for the replies on the EPN you are such an inspiration- Christy, soon to be GN:D

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Ha ha ha! Too funny. :D Glad to help!