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  1. NurseSunshine25

    Just took the NCLEX

    I think everyone feels like they failed after the test! But its a good sign if you got the "good" pop up!!
  2. NurseSunshine25


    My quick results told me I passed!! YAY!!!!! PVT worked for me. I had about 130 questions. My test was about 40-45% infection control, 40-45% meds, and had 5 sata. SOOOO glad its over with. Good luck to those taking there tests soon!
  3. NurseSunshine25

    I got the good pop up!

    I took the nclex today and just did the pvt, and got the good pop up. I hope, I hope, I hope this trick really means that I passed! OMG!!!! I cant wait to do my quick results!
  4. NurseSunshine25

    I passed!!!

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. NurseSunshine25

    BIG day is tomorrow!

    THANKS! I will let you know my results as soon as I get them!
  6. NurseSunshine25

    BIG day is tomorrow!

    Well I am taking the nclex-rn tomorrow. I have been studying for a few months but I still feel like I am not prepared. WHAT TO DO!!! Its obvious you cant know it all, but I am hoping I know enough to pass. Going to come home tomorrow and try the pvt. Everyone wish me luck!!!!!!
  7. NurseSunshine25

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    How long after you take your test until you try the PVT? Same day..... Next day? And has anyone done the trick and it was not accurate?
  8. NurseSunshine25

    nclex PN vs RN

    Hello to all. I am studing for my nclex rn and I am getting really nervous! In 2005 I took the nclex PN and passed on the first try. But I heard the nclex RN was much harder. I have been studing several books and sites. I know that everyone has a different test, but are there main catagories/areas to focus on? I know you should study it all...... but I heard that a majority of the questions were prioritizing/delegating, meds, and infection control. Is this true for anyone out there who has taken the test? If anyone has any tips or advice it would be helpful. Also alot of the posts have been very informative. THANKS!!!!!
  9. NurseSunshine25

    Type of questions

    For those who have recently taken the nclex, are there alot of fill in the blank, short answer, and multiple answer questions? Do they seem more difficult than the normal multiple choice?
  10. NurseSunshine25

    I Got A Date!!

    If you know your mneumonics you should be fine! Good luck!
  11. NurseSunshine25

    peace of mind

    I heard several people on this website say it took a several months. I dont know why the Ga BON takes so long.
  12. NurseSunshine25

    CPNE Grid

    During my cpne I wrote the first letter and then filled in the rest. They give you a packet and it has blank pages to write your grid on. When it comes to timing yourself for practice at home, trust me it will be different during the cpne. I am very good with time mgmt but during the cpne, I barely made it. I was charting so fast I got hand cramps! LOL! But, it gets better after your first PCS.
  13. NurseSunshine25

    Opinions excelsior a&p

    I took A&P through excelsior and at a technical college. Excelsior was easier for me. The test questions were less in depth. I did the practice exam through excelsior and syudied the rationals, VERY HELPFUL! I also went to some free online A&P quizzes, also helpful. http://lrn.org/Content/Quizzes/Quizlist.html http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072351136/student_view0/chapter1/chapter_quiz.html http://msjensen.cehd.umn.edu/webanatomy/
  14. NurseSunshine25

    how long to prepare for CPNE?

    MegRT, I didnt take a workshop and passed the cpne with no repeats. If you cant afford a workshop, like me, I suggest getting lyns lab dvd and Robs AOC dvd. They show you exactly what to do. I also used robs mneumonics. They are easier to remember.
  15. NurseSunshine25

    HELLLPPPPPP!! Study test score

    When I took my practice exams I got horrible scores. I studied the rationals and made an A on the exam! I think the tests are much easier than the practice exams!!!!!