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Revenue Integrity, Rehab, RAC Auditor
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BeachCathyRN has 35 years experience and specializes in Revenue Integrity, Rehab, RAC Auditor.

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  1. BeachCathyRN

    Passed LS3

    :yelclap: Congrats!!!! :yelclap:
  2. BeachCathyRN

    I passed my English exam through Uexcel!!

    :yelclap: Congrats!! :yelclap:
  3. BeachCathyRN

    PASS LS3-

    :anpom: Woo Hoo & Congrats!!!! :anpom:
  4. Working on LS3 myself just started so trying to dig and get this done!!! My last one, :w00t:
  5. BeachCathyRN

    Passed Microbiology this morning !!!!

    Congrats and good luck on the Nursing Exams!! :yelclap::yelclap::yelclap:
  6. BeachCathyRN

    Passed LS2!!!!!!!

    i just think there is so much info to know with both LS2 & LS3 it just makes them harder at least in my opinion. Not really like the NCLEX questions to me much harder, there are 2 answers that seem right just have to reason out the right one and on some I just guessed. : )
  7. BeachCathyRN

    My time line has changed but my end goal is the same!

    So sorry Tasha, I too got a D on LS2 in December and then three weeks later a D on LS3. Really depressed me and seriously thought about quitting but my husband wouldn't let me. God Bless him!!! Just retook LS2 yesterday and passed but I know what you mean the nerves are horrible and my palms were sweating throughout the whole test. You have a great attitude and you can do this. We will be RN's by the end of 2011!!!!:lol2:
  8. BeachCathyRN

    "What Are You Working On This Week?" May 16th

    Passed LS2 today so starting on LS3 tonight & online Micro class starts next week!!! The Micro class is 10 week summer session so hope to test LS3 before the 10 weeks are up but who know I also work 40-50 hours a week so we will see!!!!
  9. BeachCathyRN

    Passed LS2!!!!!!!

    Thanks everyone's positive remarks kept me going when I considered quitting after that D-so glad I didn't!! Beginning to think I really can do this. Oh and I live in Tampa and love it!!!!
  10. BeachCathyRN

    Passed LS2!!!!!!!

    I did wait the 60 days to retest because we moved from Indiana to Florida a few months ago so I procrastinated and enjoyed the beaches for a while!! When I got the D I came home through out all my notes and flashcards and started from scratch. Went through the content guide took each disease and broke them down from the patho to signs and symptoms, meds, side effects, labs, ect... This really helped to reason out the answers and they came so much easier this time even with the sweaty palms. :chair:
  11. BeachCathyRN

    Passed transition today.

    Congrats must be a great feeling!!! :hpygrp:
  12. BeachCathyRN

    Passed LS2!!!!!!!

    This one was hard, I got a D the first time so my nerves were at an all time high- What a great feeling when I got the grade B-Passed :w00t: Now just Micro and LS3 left and I am done!! Well except for that CPNE but I will worry about that one later, gonna just enjoy this one for now!! :lol2:
  13. BeachCathyRN


    :ancong!: so happy for you!!!!
  14. BeachCathyRN

    Hello my name is..

    :grpwlcm: and check in her often it is what has kept me motivated throughout this journey, couldn't have done it without this site!!!
  15. BeachCathyRN

    Passed ls3!!

    :w00t: Congrats & Good Luck on CPNE!!!! :w00t: