I got a 4.0 in A&P I !!!!!!!!!!

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I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!! My first college class in 6 years and I got a 4.0 !!!!!!!! Mind you this was done in a 7 week semester and working 40 hrs per week. I missed only 7 points in the lab and 30 in the lecture. I am so happy, at first I wasn't sure if I could do it or not but, now I know I can.

Anyways enough tooting my own horn. Good Luck to everyone in their classes:kiss


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Congratulations!!! Looks like your hard work paid off. Keep it up.

sbic56, BSN, RN

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Fantastic accomplishment! A&P is tough!


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Congrats! It feels good doesn't it!



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WOW!! That's great. You should be proud of yourself!! Keep it up. :cool:

PennyLane, RN

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Great job!! You should be proud. A&P is hard.

I took 4 pre-reqs while working full-time and came out with a 4.0 in all 4 classes (A&P I, II, Nutrition, and Human Growth and Dev.)

From what I've heard, A&P will seem like a piece of cake once we start our real nursing classes. *sigh*


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keep up the wonderful work! congratulations.


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Congratulations!!!! I love A & P also!!!



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Way to go Kris!! Great Job!!! :D



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Great Job!!! :balloons:


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That's fantastic! I hope I do the same...I'm in A&P I now & it is a 7-week course as well! :)


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You Go Girl!!!!

Any hints on study skills.

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