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  1. Hello, I am brushing up on some math problems before I start clinicals in Jan. I can't figure out theses to problems. Can you please help? Thanks In Adavance, Fox If the order reads, "give .3 mgms. of Drug Z and 65 mgms of Drug N" how much fluid will you have in your syringe? The labels read Drug Z, 110.4 mgms 1/2 cc and Drug N, 0.075 g in 1 cc. An IV was started at 9:00am with orders to infuse 500mL1 over 6 hrs. At 12 noon the IV infiltrate with 350mL left in the bag. At 1pm the IV was restarted. The set calibration is 20 gtt/mL. Calculate the new flow rate to deliver the fluid on time.
  2. Fox

    Clinicals W 08

    We have four semesters of clinicals which are: 2 Falls semesters 2 Winters semsters No Summer semesters
  3. Fox

    Clinicals W 08

    I got in clinicals Winter 2008. Anybody else?
  4. Hello Guys, Can you please tell who have the best LPN/LVN programs in the area? I am looking for a part- time program, because I need to work in the daytime or even a weekend program. Thanks In Advance!!
  5. Fox

    RN to BSN online

    Are you doing the online program? Thanks
  6. Fox

    Paying for nursing school?

    Jaytek13, I also live in Saginaw, where did you go for your CNA course?
  7. Fox

    Alternative Loans - here's what I've found

    No, Sallie Mae Tutition loan doesn't go through your school. The check is mailed directly to the student.
  8. Do you have the ISBN for the Jarvis text? Thanks
  9. I hope everybody who were in the path of Katrina are safe. I know what you guys are going through. I'm formly from New Orleans. God Bless You Guys
  10. Greentea, Have you used this company?
  11. Did you see a loan program called tuition now at sallie mae? I believe the money is send directly to the student.
  12. Fox

    Which Saunders?

  13. Fox

    GREAT useful websites!!!!!

    Not sure if this site been listed. http://edruginfo.com/
  14. Fox

    I Got In!!!! I Got In!!!

    Congratulations :cheers: Good Luck In Your Program!!!
  15. Fox

    Charity Hospital

  16. Fox

    Saunders and Suzanne...