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First let me say that my instructor is so cool. This particular rotation, he gave me shifts in all the units I wanted. One of the shifts that I asked for was OB because I love it there. I had my first clinical of the year there yesterday and my second today. Yesterday, I took care of a postpartum mom and infant. The nurse said I "did a good job". Today, I requested to be in labor and delivery.

The first good thing was that I got to do my first IV start. The nurse asked me to tell her the procedure before I started and I did. As I got into the vein, I totally froze and said that I didn't know if I was in. She then said to look for blood in the chamber (silly me, I actually said that to her as I explained the procedure). I actually got the cath in without going through the vein (my worst fear with an IV start) with minimal nervousness. I was quite pleased with myself.

The second good thing was that I got to see a baby be born, the placenta delivered, and mom stitched up. Now, that was neat.

The third good thing was that I was with another laboring mom and I learned about therapeutic touch. There was a language barrier and I stayed with her for most of her labor and tried to keep her comfortable. I got pretty creative when trying to communicate.

The fourth good thing was that I met the head of OB and she asked me questions about liking OB. She asked me if I was passing classes and planned on taking my boards after graduation. She probably won't remember me when I go back next quarter, but hey, at least it is a start in getting my foot in the door.

The fifth good thing is that I was talking to my instructor after conference and he told me that the nurses had such good things to say about me today. They said that I was independent, and just went and got things done without being told, my charting was good, and I was pretty cool to work with. That totally means alot to me since six months ago, I considered myself completely hopeless in the clinical setting.

Ok, I know that I have written a whole lot, but I thought that I should share. Today was a great learning experience and actually am looking forward to writing it up for my follow up paperwork....Crazy, huh? :p


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Great work, kimmicoobug, I'm glad you are having a wonderful

learning experience. Keep us posted as to your successes!

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Wow, that really was a good day. You should congratulate yourself because there are experienced RNs that don't have a review that good on their first day. If they went to the trouble of telling your instructor you are certainly standing out ! Way to go.

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Hats off to you! I enjoyed almost all of my clinicals when Iwas a student. Is OB where you want to work?


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That's awesome! :) I share in your giddiness! :p


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great news! keep up the wonderful work and the positive attitude.


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As a nursing student "in waiting" (hopefully next Fall) it is good to read a positive post on the clinical setting and the other staff members that you are working with. Good For YOU!!! I am glad you are finding your niche. I can't wait to finally be there too.


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I hope that when I start my clinicals, that I'll have an experience like yours. That's just great!!! :D


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Way to go!! :D


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Thanks to all those who replied. Yes, OB is where I definitely want to work. I am very interested in doing labor and deliveries and becoming a lactation consultant. I did have a very good day, but I have to say that I have had terrible ones too. I had one where I nearly started bawling in front of staff and instructor. But, that was six months ago. I go to ICU and ER next week, so hopefully I can perform well in these settings.


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Fantastic! That's where we want ourselves AND eachother to be. Way to raise the bar!


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