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  1. globalRN

    New grad- Nephrology vs Heme/onc

    Oh wow....sorry I am reading this after nearly 2 yrs! I have worked hospital acute care, medical units and specialty units of hematology/oncology as a NP. I currently work in a hem/onc daycare/triage and also in a cancer associated thrombosis subspecialty clinic as adult NP
  2. globalRN

    Dear Alberta nurses...

    Hellohobbit: What did you decide? Employer sponsored education usually has a catch...you may need to work at least a year or pay back the prorated cost of education. Having said that, specialty areas are a good place to learn...there is usually overtime...and you are picking up marketable skills and experience which will improve your job prospects in the future
  3. This is extremely disturbing...
  4. globalRN

    Fellow NPs: What's your strategy for retirement?

    i am hoping to scale back to 2 days a week in 2018 after I turn 57. I keep my benefits at a FTE: 0.4, get out of the house and have an opportunity to do some critical thinking and provide care. I have 5 days off a week. I am hoping for a nonclinic job....hate being timecrunched and being alloted
  5. globalRN

    pleurex drains

    they r used for recurrent pleural or ascites. Usually left in place if they are continuing to drain.
  6. globalRN

    New grad- Nephrology vs Heme/onc

    I am not a big fan of nephrology patients....in my opinion, they r usually 'difficult' Hem/onc patients on the other hand....r my favorite patient population to work with
  7. globalRN

    Happy with your credentials?

    ditto to what BeckyBrown NP just wrote.
  8. globalRN

    How common is chemo through peripheral IV?

    Still fairly common if the chemotx has a finite # of cycles or is every 3 wks or longer. If the patient has good peripheral veins or the patient declines to have a port or a PICC
  9. globalRN

    I cried with a pt .....

    Well, now many of my oncology patients are my age or younger. Definitely pulls on your heart strings!!
  10. globalRN

    Is the Grass Really Greener on the CNP side?

    For the RNs who ask me if it is worth being an NP: I always ask them if they are currently happy in their job position as an RN. If so, I don't recommend NP.
  11. globalRN

    How do you feel about having other nurses as patients?

    I do give them some extra attention, if desired, as a professional courtesy. I find dentists, as a group, to be the most difficult patients, with nurses(especially the senior 65 yr + nurses) the next most difficult. I find family members who are lawyers can be the most difficult family members...some are 'know it alls' and confrontational.
  12. globalRN

    smelly kid

    If the kid washes daily....how come he still smells? Definitely will impact his social interactions... Poor kid. Isnt this more a social work kinda issue?
  13. globalRN

    Anyone seen an MI from septic shock?

    Dec 9 by Euro_Sepsis I can easily see a non-stentable NSTEMI due to myocardial vasospam or demand ischemia in any kind of shock. Lev likes this. Euro_Sepsis has been a member since Sep '09. Posts: 11 Likes: 2 Reply Quote Like? [*] #40 Dec 9 by chare Likely not an MI. Acute illness, other than cardiac, can cause increase in troponin levels. Agree. Seen this. Cardiology agreed
  14. globalRN

    Undecided future NP in need of suggestions

    Yes there is high demand for psych NPs....but like any specialty...it is best if you come from that specialty as a RN. For myself, I would never apply for a cardiology, nephrology NP position because that isnt my comfort zone. When u r the NP in a specialty area....u need to know what u r doing!!
  15. globalRN

    Experienced NPs

    NP experience: 15 yrs in 2017
  16. globalRN

    Pharmaceutical reps in the clinic

    this is usually a clinical provider dinner...no companions invited/expected