I ended up failing!

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Sorry- I havent written back as to my results.. I am just getting back into the swing of things..

Unfortunately, I did not pass-again.

And for all you who read my last message: I got 265 questions again the second time I took the test; I didnt get the same 265 questions...


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I am so sorry Luv!

I can only imagine how you must feel. I surely hope that you know that everyone here has you in there prayers. I failed the first time and it just frustrated me to no end. Keep your chin up, and do not give up! You know that saying "if at first you don't succeed"! It is an exam, you can do it! You made it this far, you know your stuff! We are all here if you need people to vent to or study with. Your in my thoughts!


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I am so sorry Luv; please do not let this discourage you. I know you will be a wonderful nurse. If you ever need anything, feel free to PM me.


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I'm sorry too. I'm sure your extrememly dissapointed, but chances are pretty great that you will pass the next exam. :)

Have you taken a look into getting an N-clex software program to help you study in the mean time? I got my eyes on a couple of them, over at amazon.com, although I'm not even in nursing school yet. (i know i'm a bad test taker)

I believe in the power of prayer, so i'll say a prayer for you too!


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I am so sorry! I can't even imagine how you must feel. Try not to get too discouraged. I know there really isn't much anyone can say to make you feel better, but try to keep your chin up because you and I know you can do it!! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers - Remember the 3rd one's the charm;) Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Jen

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dont give up you will get it


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Sorry to hear about your results. Keep your chin up and tackle it again. I know two wonderful nurses who didn't pass NCLEX until their 3rd attempt. Good Luck!



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Don't get too discouraged.. I worked with a nurse who took 4 or 5 times to pass the NCLEX.. that was about 14 to 15 years ago.. and she seemed to me to be a great nurse..

Some people are horrible test takers...



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I'm so sorry Luv. This is tough, I know, I've been there. When I didn't pass my boards I went through a major depression. My husband, bless his heart, was very supportive. He told me something that did help, and maybe you'll find some comfort in it too. He pointed out to me that the test WAS NOT a reflection at all of how good a nurse I was going to be, all it was was the result of how I answered that particular set of questions on that particular day, at that point in time. He also remined me frequently that when I do have my license and I'm holding a patient's hand through a difficult procedure or offering them whatever comfort I can, they aren't going to care one little bit how many times I had to take the exam, all that is important to them is that I'm there, at that moment, for them. Somehow, that made the waiting to re-take the test a little bit easier. I also learned a great deal in those three months that I think made me a better nurse and person in general. I wouldn't change the experience for the world. Hang in there! You're going to be wonderful, and we're all pulling for you.


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I'm sorry that U "unpassed" the NCLEX. Please.... don't give up. U can do this. It is just a test. U completed the hardest part and that was nursing school. I will B saying a prayer 4 U. If U need anything feel free 2 PM me.

I'm so sorry!! Just hang in there and give it another try!! You will pass!!

My sincerest sympathies. Hope you find a way to work on whatever is blocking you from passing. I know 2 people personally who failed twice. One is now a hospital director and the other a certified wound care nurse. It can happen!!!

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