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  1. need advice

    [MOUSE]thanx for support:w00t:[/MOUSE]
  2. need advice

    my don had me sign some inservices, i signed first initial last name then title as a nurse does, she proceeded to ask me if this was my legal signature, i said i did not understand, she said how do u sign your personal checks, well i said first name...
  3. How many Pt do you take care of?

    I work in LTC, currently am alzeimers/psyche nurse 47 patients and I am the only nurse. I have 4 great CNA's (most of the time, some days only 3) some days are very frustrating with this many patients , not enough hours in the shift to do what we as ...
  4. I am glad to know these kind of nurses are banned
  5. salt does the trick on magotts also
  6. Just how many nurses from IL do we have here at allnurses?

    new lenox here
  7. my uncle is a alcoholic for many years now, he has began swelling up face and legs, his legs now have 10 inch diameter open wounds on them 1 1/2 inch deep draining and yellow, he also has a hernia almost to his knees. he lives with my grandma and o...
  8. Nurse/patient Ratio.....

    hi i also work at a nursing home i am responsible for 42 patients and usually have 4 cna's sometimes 5. most difficult med pass consisting of tube feedings, crushing meds for alzeimers patients who can't swallow pills. i have been doing 12 hour days...
  9. Need a Pen Pal

    hi i would luv to have a pen pal. have been a nurse for 8 years. live in illinois.
  10. Global partner needed

    i would luv to have a nursing e pal. im 44 yrs old been a lpn for 8 years now. i live in new lenox illinois
  11. How many of your Pts have died in one shift

    only one...........will always remember my first patient that died, really upset me try not to get too close and attatched.........but still care a lot for my patients
  12. Help me!!!

    i used to be like that, not anymore only bothers me if its my own childrens blood
  13. it would have to be a all purpose pill............keeps you happy, awake, smart, and on and on..............lol
  14. What can I do?

    keep counting, we all know this has to be done by two nurses
  15. Where do you nurse?

    nursing home