I DID IT!!!!


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I have just found out I pass my NCLEX-RN 75 questions. I took one hour and 30 minutes. I am 22 I have an associate of arts, certificate in vocational nursing, licensed as a vocational nurse and just passed my NCLEX-RN. I have a job since June 2010. I haven't really bragged or celebrated but hey I think I'm doing a good job at life so far. Oh need I not forget a fabulous boyfriend.


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High five for passing the Nclex and the hot boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!


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Yay Congrats on passing, NCLEX-RN!! We all need a hot boyfriend, in my case one hot husband for support! If he can be by your side during nursing school... he's a keeper!


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Awwww congrats!!!


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:ancong!: Does your hot boyfriend have any friends you can loan out? He, he. :yeah:


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congrats!!!!!!!!!i hope i will soon be able to brag(testimony)soon with all my accomplishmentslol.


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You are blessed.