I debated on whether to post this or not, but I kinda need input...

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Have any of you Personally undergone Roux-en-Y gastric bypass? I'm scheduled for late December early January-ish to have laproscopic surgery.

I have done all the medical research, but now I am looking for others that have personally experienced it so that I can get a better idea of what it is like. I know all the mortality/morbidity statistics, high infection rates, complications, leakage, but I have no one who I "know" that has had it done to compare notes with.

So, if any of you are willing to tell me about your surgery, please email me or PM me, or if you're really willing, post it here. It would be nice to here personal stories instead of medical journals.

Thanks in advance,



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Brandy, I can't personally help you, but one of the girls at work has had it done with great success. If you pm me your email, I can give it to her and I am sure she can help you. Hers has been very successful, but that is not always the case. She can give the the real deal. Also there are web sites and support boards on the internet.

Good Luck to you! Im sure Karen will be of more help.


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BrandyBSN, I have never had the surgery but I worked in an ICU that had atleast 1 patient a month that had it. My advise to you is ask the hospital you are planing to have the surgery at for their statistics. I have seen several extremely poor outcomes from gastric bypass. I don't say this to scare you, but rather to inform you. Alot of factors can influence the outcome. All the info from literature is usually from a large group of patients. You need to find the outcomes from your specific group and hospital. Ask your MD to have his/her last ten patient that had the surgery to contact you so you can get their point of view. If he/she is unwilling to do this, you need to wonder why. Stay informed! I wish you the best of luck whichever way you choose.

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Hi Brandy,

I have not been an advocate of this surgery until this procedure for it was developed. I have not had it myself, but I have had a few pt in home health who have done very well.

One pt did find out she had breat ca a year later, had to undergo chemo and rad, not the best after this surgery, but she was holding her own. I have heard that this surgery, or a version of it, is reversible now, they use a clip, which can be removed, but sometimes there are problems w the clip itself, I saw a special on nbc news one day.

I woudl actually go to the major news networks and do a search, they have done features on this surgery a lot of times.

I agree w montroyal, the success of the surgery lies almost entirely in the hands of the surgeon you pick.

I know the pt who have had this surgery had it at Robert Wood Johnson University Hosp in New Brunswick NJ, or the campus in Newark NJ, sorry can't remember which. Maybe you could contact them and ask for a local recommendation.

I wish you the best Brandy.

Hi Brandy,

I have not had this surgery, But I have 3 pts. @ my clinic who have had it done. 1 just as recent as March 2002. She has lost 150 lbs. so far. The others had it done before we knew them and lost alot of weight and have put 1/2 back on. But as far as any complications they had none.

I would do it if it were me. I know alot of people say its not the way to go, but if they have not delt with the problems of obesity then they have no clue. I did see on Oprah just yesterday that a woman lost 300 lbs in 1 yr. No Surgery. I couldnt believe that. She had to loose 25 lbs a month every month to do that.

Anyway the best of luck to you. Keep us posted.:)


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Brady, I PM'd you



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As an RN I have NO wisdom here. But I know two people who underwent this w/positive results.....But as you know it is not w/o serious risks...weight it carefully, and get your potential surgeon to spell it all out for you. Other than that, Brandy, I wish to welcome you back. You have been missed, how are things going?

i have not had gastric bypass surgery however my floor deals with these types of patients on a regular basis (2-5 a week). we just had 3 admitted on tuesday. my hospital has a bariatric program that they are just implementing with one group of doctors and then another doctor who isn't affiliated with the hospital also does roux-en-y. they all have very different post op routines. one group of patients comes back to the without a foley, 2 jps, no pca, ice chips sparingly until results of esophogram the next morning. another group comes up with a foley, 2 jps, pca, strict npo. and then there is a third group who goes to icu instead of med-surg and they have a foley, ng, pca, npo, 2 jps. the first group i mentioned makes up the majority of our gastric bypass patients. we have to walk them within 2 hours of arriving on the floor and they are not allowed a bedpan. our floor's stats are no pe's, no pneumonia, and they are usually discharged on post op day 1. i know that this isn't exactly what you were asking..but if you do decide to have the surgery make sure you discuss with your doc his post op routines. feel free to pm or email me if you have any questions about the hospital stay. one of our patients mentioned a website to me...i believe it was http://www.obesityhelp.com she said that she came across a lot of helpful information there. good luck with the surgery if you decide to have it done!


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Hi Brandy,

I am only a student nurse, but I have had the surgery. I had it in January of this year. To date I have lost 84 lbs. and would not be ble to be in the RN program if I had not had the surgery and lost weight.

I have had some problems, but they were not so bad as being so overweight.

!. My new pouch was hypersensative to everything! So eating was uncomfortable experience for about 3 months. The Dr. used Prevised and Carafate (Please do not criticize my spelling. My clinical instructor does that enough. :-) ) to treat the discmfort and I responded well to the tx.

2. Last month my incision line herniated and I will have to have surgery in the Sping (or sooned if there is a problem), but it is high enough in the abdom wall that it is not dangerous. This was not the Dr.' fault.

I don't know how much overweight you are, but from my experience, it was worth it all, including the surgery I will heva to have to correct my hernia.

I had 3 knee surgeries, cngestibe heart failure, hypercholesterol readings, high blood pressure, and major self-esteem problems. The surgery correctd all these prolems except my CHF. BUT>>>>>>>without the GBS, my CHF wouold only worsen sooner.

I have heard horror stories; hoeverer, when I investigeted firter, at least the ones I looked in to were complications from other pathologies, not as a drect result from the GBS.

Just my opinion,


Are the risks worth it?? Absoultely!! But.....you are he one who has to make this risk assessment.


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Thank you all.


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Hi, Brandy- thanks for sharing this info regarding your up-coming roux-n-y surgery. I did not have it, my husband did. He participated in a well known and well advertised program for bariatric surgery. He had his surgery in July of 2001. At the time of his surgery he weighed in at 320# (he is 5'9" tall). He had hypertension; hyperglycemic episodes; his knee and hip joints could barely support him; he suffered from heel spurs and deterioration of the calcaneous to the point of having surgery to re-shape the heel; he could not bend over; he could not finish an 8 hour work shift without becoming horribly fatigued; he suffered embarrassment at restaurants (couldn't fit between the chair and table); he couldn't travel by airplane because of the small seats; he wouldn't spend social time with friends if it meant sitting in a lawn chair. I don't believe I need to get into the symptoms of chronic depression here, as I'm certain anyone who is morbidly obese can understand what that's all about.

Today when he weighed himself he is at 180#. He set his goal at 175# but feels so good now that he sez he can maintain at this present weight and it's okay. I will briefly share some of the complications he has had since the surgery, but will also tell you what he sez: "There is not one complication that I've had that is worse than the death that was certainly coming had I not had the surgery".

He herniated and had to have that repaired early this summer; his B12 is on the low side and his doc has ordered B12 injections for now -(I get to give! :D ). He has had to learn to follow a dietary regimen that (for him) demands rigerous honesty or else he gets VERY ill...he has found out for himself what the dumping syndrome really feels like.

I wish I could tell you what a wonderful and life-saving tool this surgery is...but, I know you will find that out in time. I am so pleased that you have decided this for yourself. If you would like any more info or if you are having any misgivings of any kind please PM me and Charley will be more than happy to give you all the answers and support that he can. He has become a terrific spokesperson for this surgery and has encouraged several of his co-workers to seek out this hopeful solution for themselves.


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Hey Brandy. Good luck on a difficult decision.

I worked with a lady who had this done. It worked wonders for her. She had a few problems, mostly diarrhea, but only b/c she was not a stickler for following her diet & eating the correct amount of food. She lost something like 100 pounds in probably about 9 months. She said she would do it all over again.

But, I agree that the success depends on the surgeon's skill. Research the doc thoroughly. Good luck. :)

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