How do you read best??

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hhmmmm...I keep telling DH that I wish I could wake up early! I love to sleep, most of my reading gets done either at night when the 3 kids are in bed or during naptime. Luckily for me, both the older kids will be in school all day now (#2 is starting 1st grade! woohoo!) So the only one left to take naps is #3, who is 3 years old, and naps are getting shorter for him :o

It is impossible to read when they are awake...I can't concentrate for all the fighting between them, or they want this/that. And DH is not always helpful, either;) !


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i need a quiet atmosphere to read. i am finding each class leads to a different way of studying.


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I usually read when all is quiet late at night or early am (with the crickets). I must have my coffee an yes cigs next to me. I start off at my desk but ususally end up on my couch or in bed - definately have to wear something very comfortable like sweats!

I also read things 2x's. The first time I read it I highlight things that I think may be important. The second time I read it will be after I've read and re-copies my notes this way I can focus on the outline of my notes compared to what is in the textbook (usally leaving things out that are not in comparison to my notes). Also, I look at all the diagrams on each page as well.

To me the key is to take great notes and don't miss a lecture!!!!


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I love to read...the exception is my textbooks lol. Sometimes I read for an hour at a time. I actually have to force myself to do this. I set a timer for 1 hr then read. I don't allow myselft to be distracted. If I having a real tough time with a particular subject, I set the timer for a half hour then break. If after the break I feel I can digest more material I go back right away, if not I put it away for a while then go back to it later. I usually find that works best. Whatever I read had time to stick and make sense before I go back for more.


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hummm, sweats for me...candle burning nearby....Quiet in the house, which means Late at night Because I am NOT a morning person. I like to read in my recliner, some Bach or other classical music playing....

Ahhhh Peace.......

I too found each class different for what held my interest for reading, but NEVER when the TV was on and I was in the same room. I found myself wandering to the TV even if I didnt like the show!

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I studied in a straight backed chair at a table with earplugs LOL as my kids were noisy! When I went back for my BS/MS I did the same thing as now my kids are older and they are all playing music. Did not hear much.


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I read or work for 30 minutes, break for 15 minutes. Reduces the amount of stiffness from sitting too much.


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i read on my tummy, in my bed, and at the study center...where they have huge study tables and i can spread out all my stuff...

i'll soon be buying a big table like that for my own study.

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