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I'm just wondering how everyone else gets through all of the required reading. See, I have this problem, whenever I read I start yawning and get tired! Maybe it's because I've always read at bedtime (I don't anymore.) Several times my hubby has come home for lunch to find me snoozing on the couch with my textbook lying next to me.

Anyways, I do manage to get through my reading by taking lots of breaks. But I'm a little worried about nursing school because I've heard there is TONS of reading and no way getting around not doing all of your assigned reading.

So how do you read best? At night, before class, at lunch or when? To those of you with kids (I have 3) how do you manage to read with kids around?




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Hmmm...I rarely do the reading. I study off of my lecture notes -- I take GREAT notes and never miss a class. I go to the book for things that are unclear when I review my notes. I'm still holding steady at a 4.0... All teachers are different, but I've had probably 20 different lecturers this year alone. If I'm unclear on someone testing style, I'll flat out ask "there is quite a bit of material on this topic...can you give some suggestions on what key points I should focus on". I've only had one teacher who said "all of it" -- the rest usually say what they consider important. Surprisingly, a lot of teachers don't even know what the assigned reading is!! They've lectured off of their own notes for so many years, they've never bothered to look at the book.

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I read anything that i need to study once outloud, record my voice on tape and listen to it until it's time to pop another one in. Works for me.


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I must have the perfect enviornment. Meaning kids either at daycare or asleep. No distractions. I don't read well at school even in the library. There are way too many magazines calling my name. I can't be hungry, thirsty, etc etc.. I especially can't be tired. I don't read at night. My best time to read is early in the morning at say 4 am with a cup of coffee and sitting in my recliner in the basement. I almost always have to have sweats on.

I told you I needed the perfect enviornment. lol. It works though. I am a big time reader too. I read every word of my books. I can't just learn from notes and lecture...


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I usually read best in a quiet place. I have made myself a little desk area in my bedroom. This is where I plan to work this year. This way I can be out of the direct line of fire. Meaning my kids won't come running to me for help instead of daddy. It will work great for me. I am starting to do all mt reading for September. This way I will be ready for the lectures. My goal is to have all the assigned reading done before the first class. Wish me luck.

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Well I am not in nursing school yet but anymore I have to read at either my table or desk to really be able to "get it" and study well. If I sit in the recliner, my bed, or the couch I ALWAYS fall!! I just get so drowzy and start feeling good, and I just can't help it, I drift off and I sleep sooooo


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I sit on my couch because by the time the day is over from standing all day at work or sitting on the world's hardest class chair, my booty needs comfort.


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marci3335 WOW, I start to yawn too. I have to rub my eyes and get very tired. And I have no kids. If you find out how to stop this, let me know :D


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I set myself up in my bedroom with my desk and all i needed. I have 3 kids, i would tell everyone i was on homework detail and if they needed anything ask now. I told them if the door is closed dont interrupt unless someone was bleeding or the house was on fire and then i would go in close the door and read or do care plans etc. I would break about 5-10 min every hour, to check on kids and make sure everyone was where and doing what they were supposed to be. It worked well, they knew i would be out every hour so i wasnt interrupted to often(outside of the occasional raised voice).

Never laydown to read and break frequently.


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I try to take notes when I read. I also read away from comfortable areas when I need to get the reading done... the library, Starbuck's, an empty classroom, or the caf at school. I have already picked out a study area at my new university. There is this one table under a huge tree that is never used. The only distraction there will be the million dollar view!


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PJ Mommy is sooooo right!! I recommend the same.


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I like the idea of reading in the basement!!! Ialso like the one about 4am for peace and quiet with the coffee.

I have four kids so you gotta sacrifice your sleep for reading time even though mine right now is parents magazines and oprah!!!

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