How often are you called off?


I was just called off for over staffing for the first time in 6 years at my current hospital. Typically they bring everyone in and float someone but I guess there were no other needs. Not complaining! I was glad but didn't know what to do with myself. Just curious how often others get called off.

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Since there is usually a need for floating somewhere, not very often. Maybe 3 to 5 times a year off for me. Going home early when the census drops is more common, especially if you work per diem like me.


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About once a month. Same for floating

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Wow that seems really often to me!

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Lately we've been getting called off or put on call a couple times a month. Our census has been low (it picks up in the summer when the donorcycles and guns come out), and other units haven't been in dire need of ICU nurses. We don't get floated to the floors, just the other ICUs (except NICU), stepdowns, and burn unit.


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Most often in the summer months...maybe once a month. BUT, the annoying thing is that we get called back in 99% of the time so I don't even like to get put on call. Once I got called back in 15 mins. after getting put on call. So, I don't do much b/c I'm always waiting for the call to come back in.


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Once every 3 months for me and it's never for longer than the first 4 hours, but I'll take an 8 hour shift here and there :)

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I'm a CNA and would be called off at least once a week during periods of low census, which happened every year for about 2 months. The same went for nurses, although they could elect to come in and work as a CNA if they wanted to.


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Never ever ever ;)

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Way too often. We just had the strangest winter in PICU history. Almost no RSV cases (our 'bread and butter' in the fall/ winter). I have not drawn a full check since November. I'm ok because I have no debt, another job and a gainfully employed husband - so I will volunteer to take a low census day so some of our single nurses can work.

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Sometimes we will go months with no loss days, sometimes we can get a loss day once a week. Our census is rather..variable