How much OT do you do?

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Curious...just how much overtime do you all work? I'm not talking about what you ask for it, but when THEY ask you for it?

Tweety, BSN, RN

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I rarely, if ever, allow them to call me in because I have a life.

When I work overtime I like to schedule it in advance. Our manager and the nurse who does the scheduling is good about asking us in advance. For instance I worked overtime last night (split the shift actually, worked only six hours), but they asked me a couple of days ahead of time.

I sometimes make it known when I know they are short and I don't want to work "don't call me". But they always do, that's their job.

To answer your question, I usually work 12 hours of overtime in a two-week pay period.


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I work about 8 hours of overtime a month that I do not schedule. I am asked to stay, I am never mandated where I work and no I am not in a union.


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If I do OT I get sick and have to call in on my regular time. So it helps no one.

If OT becomes manditory where I work I will go some place else.

Hellllllo Nurse, BSN, RN

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If my boss asks me ahead of time because someone has requested days off, I'm usually happy to help out. However, I do not go in if called at the last minute. I won't answer the phone.

There are only two hemo RNs at my dialysis clinic. I am one of them. If we can't cover for each other or the one LVN, the NM and the asst NM have had to go work the floors themselves.

I think it is a very good thing for the NM and ANM to have to work the floor on occasion. I won't come in extra to prevent them from having to do it.


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I try to avoid OT as much as possible. My manager knows that I don't want extra hours and has never pressured me. However, when she is in a bind, she will ask if I'm interested. I have never turned her down because I know she wouldn't ask unless she really needed me.

bellehill, RN

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My last job I worked a 12hour shift extra per week because I liked the hospital and floor (and needed money). The hospital I am at now I will not work overtime, don't want to spend any extra time there. I love overtime but it can get exhausting. If I can sign-up or am given notice I have no problem working extra.

night owl

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I was doing 24 hrs OT per week, but then it became too much. Now I might do eight. We used to be able to schedule it in advance, but they stopped that. I hate being called two hours before hand asking me if I can come in.

live4today, RN

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Originally posted by 3rdShiftGuy

I rarely, if ever, allow them to call me in because I have a life.


Words taken from my own thoughts Tweety! :D


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It would take an act of God for me to get OT. Not that I would want to do it every week, but the extra pay sure could help from time to time. Ahhhh well, this is why I'm planning on hitting the road, and seeing more of this great country.

SharonH, RN

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I haven't worked overtime since 1998 and I don't aim to change that.

As a home health "shift" worker, I usually pick up 3 or 4 shifts per month. There's always a hole in the schedule somewhere to fill in. Depending on the case, I will volunteer. Otherwise, I may or may not answer the phone.

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