How much money do you make?

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  1. How much money do you make?

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      10,000 or below
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      100,000 or above

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Yea i know its personal, but im nosey!! :D

I tried to vote, but it said I am invalid?

live4today, RN

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Well.......for the last five years......I've made "ZIP" in way of greenbacks since I've been off work that long! Hubby's been the sole support of us both.....which he should be anyway....whether I work or my spiritual belief...the man is the head and the sole support of the family. If the woman works....her money should be spent anyway she sees fit....not so of the man because the woman bears their children, and her body is no longer her body after his money is no longer his money....but the family's means of survival. :kiss

maybe you shouldn't ask a yearly income...many people do not work full time. i don't, which is why i didn't participate in the poll. so you aren't going to get the answer that you are looking for. an hourly poll might be different, then you could figure out the average yearly salary for a full time nurse. you also have to take into consideration years of experience and which aspect a person works in...some make more money that the others....hope this helps! ;)


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My number is "0" because I'm a student but I hope to be making $$$ someday.

I'm also INVALID..LOL..



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As a somewhat new RN (2 years out) my facility is hurting for help like all over. As a incentive to pick up extra they offer us double time for over time..Made a big differnce in the yearly income so far this year. Downfall I'm going to hit a new tax bracket.:eek:


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I'm contigent...I make a flat rate of $26 an hour.

Last year I made $12,000. This year I'm working more....I'm at the $12,000 mark.


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originally posted by mkue

my number is "0" because i'm a student but i hope to be making $$$ someday.

i'm also

mine is not far from "0" and i work 24 hours a week and i am a student. hi marie, how are you! i quoted you because i liked your answer.


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My yearly amount is a range between two. I choose the lower end. I have >29 years of experience.


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Boy wish I was one of the ones making over 100,000/year. In my dreams.


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It's not how much you MAKE, but how much you KEEP!


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Our PRN rate at Methodist in Dallas is 30/hr and with all the overtime I'm doing this year I'll be well over 90....but man is Uncle Sam wearing me out!!!!!

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