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  1. DNP vs. Certificate

    As Lisa stated the Master's is not a Certificate, it is an actual degree much like the DNP is a doctorate of Nursing Practice degree. Their are Post-master certificates you can earn to add onto your masters. But to your original question, there it ...
  2. Looking for Oil Rig Companies that Hire Nurses

    Google [h=4]Atlantic Offshore Medical Services They have a pretty good reputation[/h]
  3. ANCC AG-ACNP Exam

    For the anxiety you might consider a short term script for Adderall so you can get through the test. I too had the xrays and ekg's on my test. Another crazy question I had was on Rocky Mountain spotted clue where that one came from. Hav...
  4. What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    What type NP are you? AG-ACNP Where (state)(rural/urban) do you practice? TX Urban Are you independent or in a group? Independent practitioner in the office How many years experience? 3 as an NP; 10 yrs as an RN before I became an NP What is your...
  5. ANCC AG-ACNP Exam

    My condolences for not passing, it was a difficult test. I used Barkley's book and CD's exclusively to study for it back in '13 and that was really all I did for about a month or perhaps a bit longer. Did you have any overwhelming anxiety before/du...
  6. Help! Scope of practice FNP vs ACNP

    I see no reason why as an ACNP I cannot manage somebodies DM, HTN, cholesterol, etc. If I can manage a pt in the hospital while in the hospital, then I can do it from my office as well and I frequently do. Sure I may not have a pt on an insulin drip...
  7. Question from a doc on NP education

    Doc, It really does depend on if your dealing with a Family NP or an Acute Care NP. As an Acute Care NP I did 3 of my semesters at Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio with one of their ER docs along with splitting my time in the Trauma and Surg...
  8. TTUHSC FNP 2016

    First I'd like to ask how long you've been an RN? I went through TT AG-ACNP program and all the NP students take the same courses until you get to your FNP 1,2,3 classes. We had a couple of students do exactly what your doing but they had not been ...
  9. FNP vs. AC-AGNP

    To address that first issue; you are correct it's not the preceptors job to teach me, although, a lot of the MD/DO's preceptors I had did just that. But this is where active adult learning comes into play. I went and bought and read 3 different boo...
  10. FNP vs. AC-AGNP

    I understand everybody learns differently but the way I viewed it was school was for the core knowledge but the practical knowledge came from my clinicals and what I was learning in the Trauma ICU with my preceptors. You don't need to go to a sim la...
  11. FNP vs. AC-AGNP

    I spent 10 1/2 yrs in various ICU's and ER's before going to Texas Tech for their AGACNP program. A large amount of the program is online but you had to go back to campus each semester(once) for a couple days to go through clinical testing and for yo...
  12. Nursing documentation help

    That "Vital signs WNL" will get you in a lot of trouble should you ever have to go to court. DONT ever chart that. It can be argued that what is normal for a 2 yr old is not normal for a 22 yr old...etc. It doesn't hurt to actually put the vital s...
  13. IHS repayment and the va?

    I would first contact who ever is servicing your loan and ask them directly. Now off the top of my head I would say "Yes" they will pay it but it's always nice to hear it from the "horse's mouth" to be on the safe side.
  14. The cost of medications and universal healthcare

    Very interesting article on Gleevec and yes your correct about the kinase inhibitors, not all of them will work in all instances. Some like Gleevec are very specific, fascinating how they went about developing it. I also agree that drugs are too ex...
  15. The cost of medications and universal healthcare

    Was actually responding to Alisonisayoshi, LVN response to my initial "rant" and I hear what your saying about him/her taking a lower salary but honestly who wants to make less money. I know I would balk if my employer came to me and said "Ray, I ...