How many times has this happened to you?

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I was wondering how many times a couple has come in saying that they were having a boy by ultrasound and it came out and was a girl?

would you say it's more common to say that happens or the other way around?


I would say more often a little boy is mistaken for a girl during ultrasound because he is, ahem, under endowed.

But I have been to delivery where they thought it was a boy and a girl was delivered. The mom was like, "Are you sure??!!" the ped said, "I'm never wrong about this."

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HA HA HA HA HA...too funny Dawn...seriously I have recently encountered lots of friends who have had their first ultrasound read wrong. It has mostly been that they were told they were having girls and then told that they were boys.

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My sister just had a baby on the 19th, she was told it was a girl - twice, I think - anyway...there we are in the OR and I'm telling her things like "the doc is getting ready to deliver" and "Stephanie is almost here" and "here she comes" and then we all hear the doc say "and she's a boy!"

Suprise! My new niece is my new nephew!:roll


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let's just say i did not decorate my nurseries til i saw for myself the genitalia. u/s can and has been wrong; i have seen it. the only way you can KNOW FOR SURE is by amnio, which of course is only done when medically indicated.


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My SIL second baby was supposed to be a little boy, and well guess what...she had a little girl.

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I think it depends on the skill/experience of the ultrasound tech.

Yes errors are made.

I personally found not being told if it were either /or unbearable.


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LOL...there was no mistaking my grandson was a boy...once he finally "consented" to show his boy parts to us on the US it was ALL he would show us...I wouldn't trust a US telling me it is a boy unless baby clearly had 5 "limbs" and the cord is visualized (all at the same time).


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I had so many ultrasounds with my last pregnancy that I had no doubts to the sex! I had at least 5 level II ultrasounds and lots more little scans in the office by my OB.


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With the advacement of the technology/equipment...I rarely hear of wrongly labeled sex of the baby. Many years ago I did care for a couple who believed they were having a boy, and had a girl. It was awful, it was like watching them grieve the loss of their son. They had spent so many months bonding to the thought of a son, that they did feel like they lost their son. It wasn't that they did not want a girl or were disappointed with a girl...just felt the sadness for the son that they had envisioned and bonded to. That may be one reason we elected to wait for that all exciting moment when in the delivery room the big annoucement is made. For us it added to the moment, and we had plenty of time to stock up on the gender specific items after the baby's arrival. I respect everyone's choice to find out if they choose, and remind them that US is not 100%.

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Oh no! i just painted the nursery lavender and bought 3 bags of clothes. If the u/s was wrong and I'm having a boy, darn it he is wearing those flowery outfits, because I already washed them! lol


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When I was pregnant with my daughter, I KNEW she was a girl. I never had an u/s. I did however, go from a sz 7 to a sz 12 in 3 weeks. :o)

I weighed 105 lbs. when I got pg. at delivery I weighed 160.!!

The dr. who delivered her asked if I had had a u/s I said no. She told me that Jess was a boy. I said nope it's a girl. When Jess was born the dr. said " Oh My GOD! It is a girl!!" I looked at her and with an evil grin on my face said. "Told Ya!!"

With my boys I wore the same clothes until the 5th month. My youngest was born before the dr. got there. He peed on the delivery nurse. HEHE

I also had a student nurse, who absolutely panicked!! She was slapping my leg and telling me I had to wait until the doc got there. Finally, I looked her in the eye and told her that this baby was coming and she'd better catch him!! I thought she was going to pass out!! I didn't mean to scare her, but the leg tapping [not hard] was getting on my NERVES!! She screamed at the delivery nurse WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?? The delivery nurse was calm as could be. She told her "We are going to deliver a baby."

The student nurse later apologized for hitting me and yelling. I laughed and told her that it would make a GREAT story to tell my kids!! It did too. They LOVE that story.

Thanks for listening!!

In His grace,


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