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This is one of my biggest pet peaves. Delivering a baby is one of the greatest gifts..and should be a surprise. I got so tired of people asking me "what I was having" that I started saying "a puppy"! The legalities aside what are you going to do if it is the opposite sex, send it back!!! The worse thing I think is having a baby shower with the unborn childs name on it!! Oh well, sorry I got carried away.

I don't know which is more common, I've seen it both ways. RH

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Thats a fairly new problem, when my wife was having all of her children ultrasounds were still new and done only in highrisk cases. We had several boys brought home from the hosp in dresses because my wife thought they were going to be girls

doo wah ditty

when life was simpler


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definately depends on the skill of ultrasonographer and the equipment!

think more folks are told girls that end up being boys than visaversa



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A friend of mine had a complicated pregnancy and had many many ultrasounds. All the ultrasounds indicated the baby was a girl and my friend and her husband were thrilled. They got everything in pink and bought lots of dresses. Needless to say, she had a boy! He went home in a pink outfit and a flower patterned car seat because they couldn't get to the store to buy anything new.


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