How many times have you cried in/at school or clinicals?

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  1. How many times have you cried?

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      Never, I don't cry
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      Came close, but haven't broke down
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      Once or twice, but doing ok
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      I'm a mess. Takes all of me to hold it together.

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Had a mini-meltdown today, but thankfully pulled it together today. I have noticed a good portion of our class has been in tears at least once. So how about you?

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Once, i got to go to the O.R. yesterday and i was so happy to be there i was ready to cry. That's where i will work when i go back for my RN. It was one of those moments that gave me more drive to get through it all because THAT'S where i want to work for the rest of my life.

Plus I think the surgeon asking me to dinner afterwards didn't hurt that great euphoria either though ;)


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Boy, this topic is sure to generate a lot of response! We've all had our upsetting moments, I'm sure. I'm not really a crier, but I have felt tense many times in the past which was mostly due to my instructor breathing down my neck in clinical. So far this semester I'm having a much better experience, so for now the emotional part of me is stable!


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I voted "Came Close, but haven't"

I almost cried one day during clinicals this past semester. I was working with a patient in LTC and he was just so happy to have me talk to him and be there, he wouldn't let me leave, grabbed my hand and kept kissing it.

Kind of a "break through" moment there, was so moved I got tears in my eyes but didn't let any spill.

No doubt I will cry some time during my next two years in clinicals. Whether it be because I am happy, sad, angry, frustrated, doesn't matter. Crying is how I express myself.


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Have only cried the one time and that was during my OB rotation and I was witnessing a circumcision. Oh my god, how traumatic and I have 3 sons I put through that. Give me Trauma nursing any day of the week over that.

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I cried in school a couple times. I cry AT WORK weekly!

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Ok, you guys are scaring me. But i've heard that if you don't leave crying just once, you're doing something wrong.

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I voted for the "It takes all of me to hold myself together" Its true!

During my CNA clinicals I cried once or twice lol and now like on a weekly basis. I can imagine that I'll be a mess during nursing school.


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I voted for "Came close...". I had my first simulation today, inserting Foley catheter in a female mannikin and doing a subQ insulin injection. I passed, but I was less pleased with my performance than my teacher was, so I got a bit misty eyed when we were discussing my technique afterwards. I guess I can be my own worst enemy, and I really do need to stop being such a perfectionist!

This is only my first semester, and since I'm the kind of person who cries when they hear a beautiful song, I know that there will be tears on several occasions before I'm finished next December!


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Too many to count!


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I voted! I've broken down twice. Why? For failures in competency at two different clinicals regarding not the pt. care but in coming prepared or presenting an incomplete record post-conference. The first time I was my leaving my clinical prep tool in my vehicle and then, after bring it in, I'd failed to fill in the nursing interventions area. Big mistake. The second time I failed to get a doppler to practice assessing pulses in the femoral and popliteal peripherals. Okay, I'm learning. So what if I've ruined two perfectly good makeup jobs.

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Came close. 2-month-old baby I was taking care of one week was abused at home and was being placed in foster care...foster mom never showed up to claim him from the hospital and he was there for 3 days before they found him a new home. I held him and rocked him and sang to him and with moist eyes wondered what was going to happen to him in the world. It's hard not to get involved sometimes. I'm only human, and a mother too. It was rough.

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