How many questions did you do to pass?


Ok so I am taking boards Wednesday. I am not totally sure I am ready. I mean I feel that I am going to pass but I still have that nagging voice in my head that says you're going to fail. This is my second time taking the RN NCLEX exam, I failed the first time with 75 questions. To date I have done over 3,000 questions, not exactly sure but on Kaplan qbank alone I have 3,000 not counting Saunders and this cd my friend gave me. I wonder if its enough.

I was just wondering how many questions did you guys do to pass the exam?

Any tips for me?

I'm starting to freak out. :cry:

suzy253, RN

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Passed with 265 first time.

Good luck to you

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Passed with 265 first time.

Good luck to you

Thank you! I need all the luck in the seven seas....

suzanne4, RN

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Do not focus on the number of questions, that alone tells you nothing.

One can pass with the lowest number as well as the highest. Same goes for not passing.

Best of luck to you.

And if you are writing the exam on Wednesday, you should not be doing any research or looking up things now. Tomorrow should just be spent for you and on you. No preparation whatsoever should be undertaken.

Relax, now.

When I was studying the CD obsessively I got really fried and took two days off. My scores jumped up remarkably.

Relax. And good luck.


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It doesn't determine by how many questions that you got right. The computer determines pass or fail in regards to your competancy.

I took the RN boards twice. The first time - I got 265 questions and failed.

The second time - I got 75 questions and passed. I have heard that there are different test plans and no one receives the same one. Good Luck to you! :nuke: :up:YOU CAN DO IT!!:up:

My computer stopped at 85 questions and passed.


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I should of actually doesn't determine by the number of ques you get.Duh!! of course it's looking at what you got right. :D


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i think she was asking how many study questions did we do before taking the nclex, right? i studied thousands and i passed the 1st time. good luck.


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1st: 78 and failed

2nd: 200, ran out of time. I thought i failed! but still passed!

Relax. Do not focus on the number of questions your getting rather welcome every question. If you focus on the questions you'll get more anxious.

Have a spa day of relaxing day before your exam. I suggest you don't open your book the day before.

Relax, relax, relax. :wink2:


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