How many male nurses work on your floor/unit?

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  1. How many male nurses work with you?

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      1 man
    • 28
      2 men
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      3 men
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      4 men
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      5 men
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      6 men
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      7 men
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      8 men
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      9 men
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      10 or more men

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We see more male nurses (RN/LPN/LVN) more often now.

How many do you see?

If you do not have male nurses working on your floor/unit, what comments would you like to note.

live4today, RN

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There are usually one to two male nurses on the units I work on....sometimes three. :)

Tweety, BSN, RN

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One male nurse, and that's me. One male tech. edited: I forgot my shift has a part-time male nurse doing per diem about one shift a week.

One day shift which I hope to get in the next few weeks there are two male RNs, and I will be the third.

I work med-surg/trauma

allnurses Guide

Spidey's mom, ADN, BSN, RN

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We have 2 male nurses - one night shift/one day shift.

Both are fill-in sups/er nurses like me.

We are a very small hospital though.



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We don't have any...I work in NICU...nor do we have any on LD...I think we have one day shift guy that works in OB/GYN surgery though....I think it would be cool to have some guys join us though...we have had one from supplemental staffing when we were short though...he did a good job.


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Good Morning,

I am new to this site but wanted to vote. We have a couple of male nurses on the Neuro/Medical CCU but alot more in the Cardiac CCU. I guess they find open hearts more exciting. I enjoy working with them and am very thankful when a neuro patient gets violent to have them around to help out. :balloons:


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We have 2 male staff working ER, but it's a very small ER with only 2 nurses usually on duty for each 12 hour shift. Nice to have the men around - sure keeps the estrogen levels a little lower resulting in a happier, less whiney place for all - gee can't believe I wrote that chauvanistic comment :rolleyes:


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off the top of my head, i can think of 4 RNs and 4 Nurses Aides... i think the client population attracts a lot more guys to work on our unit... the excitement of Trauma seems to appeal to the guys who work there...

TiffyRN, BSN, PhD

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We have only two guys that are RNs in our entire unit, which I think has about 100 RN's for our 50-55 bed NICU. We do have 2 guys who work as techs. I may go weeks and not see one of them.

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We have more than 10 total in my unit...that's including day and night shift...but we actually have more on nights. We usually have about 2-4 men and 4-6 women. There is one shift I used to work where there were 5 men and two women...It seems that we have an unusually high ammount of men in our ICU/CCU units in my area....


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I'll be working in the nursery, they have no men.

However, I just graduated in Dec. We had 6 guys out of 33 students.


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no male nurses or techs on my floor- LDRP.

When I was taking my hospital tour at the new grad open house we met a former male new grad on tele who was trying to talk us into applying to his floor- I told him I was applying to OB. His response? "Oh man, it's an estrogen fest up there! The nurses walk around holding hands"

He was kidding of course but we are pretty girly, I think it would intimidating to a new male nurse. In fact the only men who routinely work on the unit are 1 male OB, a family practice doc who has a few deliveries a month, and 3 of the 5 peds who see the babies.

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