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How many of you got into nursing school with the first try?


I know it is really difficult to get into nursing school but am wondering how long it took all of you to get in. Did any of you get in the first try? Which school did you go to and what were was your GPA? I just started my prereqs today and am worried about messing anything up.

I got in my first try and I applied to only one school. I don't recommend doing that, though. The school I got into is San Diego State University and when I applied, they had a point system out of 77 points. So admission wasn't based on GPA, per se. It was based more on how you did on the prereq classes and TEAS score and other things like that. Out of seven prereq classes I had all A's and one B.

I was admitted to all three nearby programs in the south Bay area. But that was almost 20 years ago. I don't remember what my GPA was, but it wasn't 4.0 that's for sure. Back then, it was not as bad as it is now. Today, at one of those schools, I am not even eligible, because I already held a degree. So much for arbitrary barriers I say. I call it discrimination, not "selection".

I got into nursing school straight from high school and only applied once. I went to Samuel Merritt University in the Bay Area and was in the BSN program. I completed my prereqs at one of their partner schools, Mills College, and was guaranteed a spot at Samuel Merritt if I passed all my prereq classes, maintained a 3.0, and of course pass NET (this was before TEAS).

Not sure if this was of any help, but best of luck!

I took my prerequisites at Santa Monica College, had 3.4 GPA. Took me 2 years to complete it. I applied to 5 different ADN programs throughout LA, some of them had waiting list some were lottery system (after you qualified to be included in the pool of eligible candidates). I got accepted to two programs at first try.

Personally I believe that applying to multiple sites largely increases your chances starting the program sooner. Of course if you have preference then just stick to the school of your choice.

On a different note, don't get discouraged by the prereqs. It can be overwhelming at first. When I took my first prerequiste (Anatomy) I got a C and the counselor strongly advised me to think of changing career path. I wanted to be a nurse and I continued to pursue it. My grades improved with time, I got into nursing school and graduated with honors. Passed NCLEX-RN on a first try. One step at a time, you can do it.

Good Luck!

I got in on the first try at San Francisco State University 3 years ago with a GPA of 3.95 overall and 4.0 in prerecs, 3 foreign languages, community volunteer work and hospital volunteer work.

I got into SSU on first try with previous BA, 4.0 GPA in prereqs and lots of professional healthcare related work experience.


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Got into USF's Master's Entry with a 3.1 undergrad GPA. I was also an EMT for one year prior to applying.


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First try here also. EMT for 3 years, 3.5 GPA, 95% percentile on the entrance exams, and a great entrance essay.


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I applied to one school on a whim, got accepted but didn't learn that there were over 350 applications for the 35 seats available until the first day of class. Love Ya Cochise Community College, Douglas Az


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P.S. I had not taken any "pre reqs" just walked up and sat down for entrance exam fresh from my discharge from Army active duty.

It's been about 2 1/2 years ago that I applied to nursing school. My overall GPA was about a 3.3, but the pre-reqs were under a 3.0. My TEAS score was high, but with the low GPA I was worried about getting in. Of the 5 colleges/universities I applied to, I got accepted into 2 of them. One being in CA, the other out of state. Chose the one out of state since it was a BSN program. But In the end, I passed nursing school in May and the NCLEX in June.

It was a blessing to have gotten in nursing school in the first place. I understand that nursing it's competitive through and through now: getting in school and then finding a job after school (but that's later for you :) ).

My advice is to try your best in your pre-reqs to get an A. I don't know if you're in a "hurry" to graduate, but most of my classmates and I took 3 years for pre-reqs, instead of the usual 2 years. Then 2 years of nursing school.

Good Luck!

No time at all. But I am going to Kaplan College in Vista for LPN, NO pre reqs were required at all either. So you could literally start within a month (if your able to get backroud check, shots, CPR card etc) before the class starts.

I got in on the first try. My school doesn't go by GPA, they go more by a point system based from what you made in your pre-reqs

I wish i would have gotten in first try. Although my pre-reqs and GPS are exceptional, I have been pass on ever time for about a year now. Round 3 of applying on it's way, 3 times a charm :saint:

Where are you applying? I'm taking Anatomy I and II online now and will do micro online this summer. I should be ready to apply this fall for next spring. I'm not even going to apply to schools in San Diego because of the wait lists. I'm only going to apply to schools that require applicants to reapply every semester. Any idea of which schools in OC do this? I'd be willing to commute up to an hour and a half each way.

I applied to SJSU school of nursing last october and got in on my first try. They use your gpa, teas score and 5 core classes (micro, anat, physio, stats, engli). My GPA was 3.79 in my five classes and 4.0 in all other classes. I only scored 84% on my teas test. It took me 3 years to complete my pre reqs because I had to take alot of beginner algebra classes and I only took 3 classes a semester in order to focus on my grades...

SJSU applications are due a year in advance and then once you're in to the university, then you apply to the deadline for the school of nursing. I did not get accepted into Evergreen Community college even though i met their requirements, they randomly select from those people who meet the requir. A university is more work to get in but look online and see when there are informational workshops at the campuses, instructors prefer to talk to people right when they start their pre reqs. Also talk to your counselor at the school you're taking you pre reqs, they will help guide you in the right direction.

Good luck!

Alot of CSU nursing programs do not have waitlists, it is purely a rumor. I would check by calling the nursing offices. I thought my school had one (SJSU) for the longest time until I went in and asked, turns out they dont and for three yrs i was worried about a rumor! haha