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  1. Little_Mouse

    My Reasons For Avoiding The Acute Care Hospital

    I am glad you shared this. You sound a lot like me actually, but you really stuck to your personal beliefs and preferences...you stayed genuine with who you are and did not falter despite what other people may have thought, especially when you stated, I admit that I fell for this false belief and that's why I'm still working in an acute setting and miserable! I tried to convince myself that working at a more prestigious hospital is what I want, but it's not. Unlike you, I haven't really contemplated what I want and actually stick to it and stay genuine. I get too caught up in what other people think of me--parents, friends, other nurse colleagues--if I were to leave the acute care setting and "settle" for something not fast paced or a hospital with a big name. I'm going to really take an introspective look at my own personality and beliefs in order to feel content and happy with my work because frankly, I have a hard time leaving work at work. I think if I don't make a change it'll just continue to bleed into my personal life and I can't have it affecting my patient care either. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Little_Mouse

    new grad, new job, and I'm exhausted

    I highly suggest you get support hose/support stockings like jobst, or cherokee if you aren't using any already. I find they help with circulation, they do help to prevent vericous veins (they run in my family) and my legs ache much less by the end of the shift. Also, dr. Sholes help with my feet, and I wear nike-type walking shoes.
  3. Little_Mouse

    Epocrates for your Anroid phone

    I downloaded this for work, but I find that the Davis' drug guide more useful and I use it much more at work than Epocrates. Also, I find that Davis is faster, I think bc Epocrates needs internet connection (I didn't download the full version, just the free one). I did buy the Davis drug guide for 49.99. It was worth it.
  4. Little_Mouse

    A Happy Thread!

    Mashira, thanks for posting this! I'm actually one of those people that have started some "bitter threads", sharing and venting about my bad experiences in my first year of nursing. But you are right about making mistakes--its something to learn from and improve on for the next work day. And any place one goes, there will always be someone that's rude and not a team player. Its good you "kill them with kindness"; my attitude is just ignore them and do my work (but still vent elsewhere), since I have little patience to bother with the "kindness" part (even if that sounds mean). I still don't like my unit (psych) and continue to question my place in nursing, but despite the "bad stuff" it sure has taught me a lot. Things like, learning about the kind of nurse I DON'T want to be like; increasing my self confidence (although I still have a lot to work on, I have to say, it has taught me to be more vocal and put my foot down with patients--I work in psych too--even show some wit towards a difficult doctor to get him to order an IV for a pt who wasn't eating or drinking much the past several days. When he didn't want to order the IV, I still can't believe I "talked back" and said, "well, if you want the patient to get more dehydrated and more confused, don't order an IV". Sure enough he did and the pt became much more alert); even teaching me things about myself, like certain qualities I need to improve on (like patience with myself and others). Like any job, and life in general, nursing has its ups and downs. But its so much easier to focus and remember tha bad than the good. Its time to focus more on the good and the happy :) P.S. I'm glad you seem to have found your niche right away. I think part of my problem is that I haven't found mine yet. I start a new job in a new unit soon, so hopefully it will be one step closer to finding my place in this big nursing world.despite all the times I've questioned continuing my nursing career, I guess I haven't quite given up on it
  5. Just what I was thinking too! But that's what this thread is about anyway, right? Lol
  6. Little_Mouse

    I Quit Bedside Nursing

    Thank you all for the feedback. I've been told by a couple of my coworkers that our unit is not a reflection of other units. I understand, but it is difficult to comprehend that idea, I must say. Things don't look up for me right now at work. Everyone is afraid of involving the Union in any matter that's brought up, but FINALLY, I did get the courage to get the union involved, had a union rep, but now I'm thinking that I could just well be a "target" by management in the near future...and that every little detail of my work will be scrutinized. I've been told by a fellow co-worker that some time ago a nurse did bring up an issue that involved the union and afterward, she was closely watched by management that she eventually got fired, and another nurse quit soon after. I don't know the whole details, but this was coming from a nurse that's worked there for about 5 years (the most any staff RN has worked on our shift). So everyone likes to keep their mouths shut and not get the union involved, no matter how short staffed or ridiculous a formal counseling may be. You don't know how many times I've been told by other nurses (even my union rep!) to get the heck out of the unit ASAP. Many of them (like one of you) wonder how I managed to stay here a year. I've stuck here a year because of just that--to get that magical 1 year acute hospital experience. It's only gotten me 2 interview since I've been applying last month to a number of hospitals....but it's still difficult having started in such a specialized unit. I don't know how much longer I can stay here--whether it's management that might hang me out to dry or my own emotional bitterness that might get the best of me. I know of one coworker that will be giving in their 2 weeks notice soon--then we'll be short staffed again and "encouraged" to take extra days/weekends.
  7. Little_Mouse

    I Quit Bedside Nursing

    I hate my job. Working on a gero-psych unit for a little over a year. i hate my coworkers. many of them don't give a hoot about anyone but themselves. they are only watching their own back and willing to throw anyone else under the bus. management is no different. i have a charge nurse that lacks basic knowledge (that a CHARGE RN should know...don't know how to hang an IV bag? Don't know how to even start an IV? You actually need help to get meds from the pyxis since you never used it before? omg.) and leadership skills on top of that. the DON even knows it but there's nothing she can do, according to her. there is little to no morale on our unit. each shift is ready to cut the throat of another shift. the noc charge nurse is so disrespectful to other nurses, if she thinks you're an idiot, she will let you know by her looking out the window during report, accusing the evening staff nurse(s) of neglecting the patients (or neglecting to clean up a patient's wheelchair, table, etc.). Almost every RN and/or Charge RN like to chastise you for not doing something or doing something incorrectly in front of all the staff during group report. They love wagging their little finger at you and stroking their own egos because they know better than you. i wish i could tell management all this anger and frustration i have for the staff and the unit. i'm also tired of patient's family members that are nearly as crazy as the patient. i'm tired that management focuses so much on cutting down on spending, they cut down on staff--and then blame the staff if there's a fall, a code, or whatever issue that goes down. working here has shot my ego...even in nursing school i got the impression from instructors that i wouldn't make it far as a nurse. working here just enforces it. sorry i'm not miss "super nurse" that is supposed to know everything after a year, let alone everything after i got out of nursing school. sorry i'm not as quick or intelligent as someone else and not good enough to deserve even the slightest respect or acknowledgment as a human being from you. I figure that even if I did go to another unit, things probably won't be any different. i'm done. now, i need to get ready to go back to work. p.s. i'm sorry for lack of grammar and punctuation. it's just a jumble of a rambling vent. i'm sad that what i've worked for, to become an RN, has been a pretty bad experience since i got this license 2 years ago. i'm looking for another job...applied to several places but no go so far....pardon if i offended anyone in my statements, too emotional...
  8. Little_Mouse

    Doctors get free food...ALL the time?!

    Why do I care? I was only curious because its what I observed. I've been meaning to ask one of the cafeteria workers if the MDs really do get food for free. That's all. I'm not going to write to the ethics board about it lol
  9. Little_Mouse

    wearing makeup to work?

    I wear makeup nearly evertime I go out so for me, it is only natural I put on makeup before work and its practially the whole deal: mineral powder, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, mascara, a light touch up on the brows, and plus lip tint (burts bees). Its a lot, but totally worth feeling (and looking) good for me. It only takes me 5min, max. Like a few others said, it depends on personal preferance, but nothing beats just looking neat and clean. (P.S. I can't live without my eyeliner, it really does make me look more awake! :))
  10. Little_Mouse

    Doctors get free food...ALL the time?!

    I noticed a few times at work that the MDs would take a water bottle for free every now and then, but today I was really observing them in the cafeteria, and I realized, ALL their food was free! They would just tell the cafeteria workers what they want or just grab however many yogurt cups their little heart desired (I saw one MD grab FIVE yogurt cups! What are you doing with five? Stocking up for your family? Give "free samples" to pts with diarreah or yeast infections? Or maybe he has diarrhea?) Does your hospital give free food to doctors ALL the time? Special occassions like holidays don't count... Man, and I've always wondered why the price was so high for not so great quality food...
  11. Little_Mouse

    Work at Rehab, Lose Chance in Med/Surg?

    Thanks for all your input! I've spoke with a few people and some think I'm a bit crazy to want to leave my job because the pay is amazing. I haven't even gotten the job offer at this rehab place, but I know they pay less...would I be crazy to work at a place that pays a little bit less for (cross fingers) a better work place?
  12. Little_Mouse

    Work at Rehab, Lose Chance in Med/Surg?

    According to the site it states they treat: "stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, various neurological disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, amputation, joint replacement, fractures, multiple trauma, cardiac conditions, and pulmonary conditions."
  13. Little_Mouse

    How to bring up hospice discussion?

    It's been a while since this thread was active, but in case anyone was wondering, the pt died in the operating room just moments before surgery for PEG placement. I think the pt is in a better place now. RIP
  14. Little_Mouse

    Work at Rehab, Lose Chance in Med/Surg?

    I work in a Gero/Psych-Med/Surg unit, but quintessentially Pysch. I hit my one year mark and I still do not like my unit. It's mainly due to disrespect, gossip, and lack of support....just too much politics. My goal is to get into Med/Surg, but I'm almost to a point that it doesn't matter anymore. I'm starting to get physically sick when I get to work. I need and long for a good, supportive,team-oriented work environment. I just had an interview at an Acute Rehab hospital. I've applied to Med/Surg positions elsewhere but haven't heard back from anyone yet. If I do get offered a job, will working at an acute rehab kill my chances of ever getting into med/surg?
  15. Little_Mouse

    Paying for Meds that you dropped or vial broke??

    Lol! You almost sound like me... It's only happened once, but I did accidentally drop and break an insulin bottle. Asked for pharmacy to replace and they did....nothing more. P.S. Please stay on topic, people!