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  1. Bedside to telephonic nursing

    Thanks everyone. Actually I already accepted the position, but was wondering how the transition would go from bedside to telephonic nursing go? It's just so different: not being in a hospital setting but a corporate or even home setting and not being...
  2. Bedside to telephonic nursing

    Hi everyone, I recently got offered a telephonic nursing position (case management). I've been doing bedside for the past few years, mainly in med surg. Does anyone have any experience transitioning from bedside to telephonic nursing? Any advice wou...
  3. Triage complaints- the good, the bad, and the shocking.

    "Therapeutic wait time". That's great..I don't remember learning that in nursing school . Lol! Great nursing intervention.
  4. I don't feel smart or fast enough to continue to be an RN.

    Yes! I thought I was the only one...I've been a nurse for about 3 years and I still have anxiety about work. What may be contributing to that anxiety is the fact I've changed jobs 3 times in those years and never really "settled in"...although I thou...
  5. heart rate 40 ,SBP 60, for over an hour

  6. Resigning

    Just curious--what job did you leave your previous employer for?
  7. Triage complaints- the good, the bad, and the shocking.

    ^ omg that's great! Lol
  8. Nurses are getting younger

    Omg sooo cute!!! Just too adorable!
  9. I hate morning like these.

    I totally understand. Yesterday was one of those days for me. Do what you can and believe me, you are actually doing something even if it doesn't feel that way. It'll get better.... ebb and flow...that's how work can be
  10. Getting Away From the Bedside

    Nursefrances-- Ive also been interested in leaving bedside but the jobs seem few and far between. Ambulatory surgery sounds so interesting, but all opportunities I've seen need OR experience which is something I don't have...and I also find it hard t...
  11. I don't want to be a nurse anymore!

    Sounds like there's a lot on your plate! Is it possible to resign from on of the jobs (like maybe the on call ambulance?) or least per diem in one or two of the part time jobs? Because you said you "love your job" I suspect you dont actually want to ...
  12. Which Job

    No problem. Good luck! :)
  13. Which Job

    FT med surg. Despite the lower pay, you will have a guaranteed position with pay and benefits plus gain an invaluable amount of experience that will make you more marketable in this difficult economy....eventually that pay will increase. The ltc job ...
  14. Is Urgent Care RN experience considered "acute care experience"

    I had worked at a small community acute care hospital that only had an urgent care and not an ER. Since it is within a hospital setting that particular case it would be considered acute. But there are plenty of urgent care sites that are not associat...
  15. A Word to the New, the Inexperienced, the Overwhelmed and the Mystified

    OP, you have a way with words....such great story telling! A story that's funny AND insightful. Thanks for sharing!