How long after graduation did you take the NCLEX?

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I graduated July 2015 and the soonest available date to take NCLEX was in Sept. So...2 months after graduation. I think it's best to take it as soon as possible after graduation.


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A month. Graduated Dec 13, 2013 and got ATT Jan 2, 2014 and tested Jan 21, 2014. I did Kaplan online for two weeks and I passed in 75 questions took 45 min.


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I graduated May 2015. Didn't get my ATT until the middle of August. Took the NCLEX Sept. 17 and failed. I used the NCSBN RN Review-3 weeks. Retook it November 4 and passed. :)


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I took the nclex 3 months after graduating. I studied for about 4-6 weeks before taking the test and passed the first time.



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Mine took 4months of wait for my ATT[emoji37] yup CA BRN.

I recently passed my NCLEX [emoji322] on 1st try.