How long after you graduated did it take you to take the NCLEX-PN?

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I am halfway through completing LVN/LPN school (finishing Feb 2010) :yeah: and was wondering how long did it take for you to take the NCLEX-PN after finishing school? And when did you receive your license? Thanks:heartbeat

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you get you temp licence from the state. you can work with it as far as one year but if any time you fail your nclex it will be taken from you very fast that you will not go back to work the next day!!!! you can get ajob so easy in some states like PA as a GPN OR GN But in other states it is very difficult like in MD. They will take your money and never tell you you will not get alob with that tell you face it. So check with your co workers before wasting your money!!!!

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I waited a year to take NCLEX due to financial reasons. I worked for that year as a GPN though. Within 3 days of taking boards, I knew that I'd passed from online license verification. Don't remember anymore how long it took to get the paper license.

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I tested for both my LPN and RN within 3 weeks of graduating. It didn't take long to get my license after that, maybe a week or two. Good luck.

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I tested 3 weeks after graduation and had my license within one month of graduation.

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Finished classes 12/08

Took HESI 01/09 (school made us take this before sending the application to the state but they didn't schedule the exam until this time:angryfire)

Recieved ATT from state last week of Feb

Took NCLEX April 6th

Received results mid-May

Drove to Sacramento the following week to pay for license

Received actual license number the following week

I graduated may 9 and took the nclex june 9. I received my licensed one week later.

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I finished school in mid-December and took boards in March (mostly because of my own procrastination,I was nervous, plus I screwed up my paperwork to the state BofN) got my license in the mail in about a week; my suggestion is take it as soon as possible, just get it out of the way.

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I graduated march 2008 took the NCLEX-PN mid april. I got my results within 2 days online and all my paperwork with license etc in the mail I think by the end of april started my first job june 1.

I graduated June 25th of this year, took the NCLEX on July 27 and had my licence in the mail on the 31st. It is such a relief to have that out of the way!

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It took about 5 weeks after I graduated to take the NCLEX-PN.

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Graduated June 20, took my test July 24, got my license number a week after that don't remember when I got my license

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