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  1. Congratulations! Do me a favor and keep us updated on your job search. I would really like to move back to CA soon and am interested in seeing what kind of luck you have finding a job (hopefully fairly quickly!). Good luck!
  2. My name appeared first on the registry. I should add that I drove up to the capital to pay for my license in person, otherwise, it would have taken an additional 4-6 weeks to process and obtain a license number.
  3. I was originally licensed in CA in 2009 and the whole process from getting my ATT to actually receiving my license was three months. I'm currently out of state but have renewed my license just because I'm afraid of how long it will take to have it reinstated should I return.
  4. Sensoria17

    Balancing Work With Online Education

    I just started (and I'm not off to great start) so I'm interested in responses to this post as well. With my first foray into online classes, I will definitely agree that it is more work. I work M-F 3rd shift and this had made it difficult as well just because I don't sleep in a block of 8 hrs, it is more like 3.5 in the morning and then another 4-5 in the evening. At this point, I've opted for Straighterline for some of my prereqs because you can go at your own pace.
  5. Sensoria17

    ISU and Biology CLEP question

    I'm sure this has been answered somewhere. ISU accepts CLEP biology for credit, correct? They don't require a lab component? TIA
  6. Sensoria17

    Resume update

    Okay, so I've now been working in LTC for a 1.5 years now and I'm updating my resume. Do I still need to include nursing school clinical experience or just leave it off? TIA
  7. Sensoria17

    I work in a good place....

    Congratulations. You give me some hope. I hope to find such a workplace someday.
  8. Sensoria17

    LVN license payment process

    I remember mine took at least three weeks.
  9. Sensoria17

    Does benig jealous make me a bad person?

    I think it is perfectly normal and human to feel jealous. Just don't let it get the best of you.
  10. Sensoria17

    Hard to find a job in L.A. as a new LVN

    I moved to North Carolina. I was only able to do so because I have a family member that moved there. I stayed with him while job hunting. Shockingly, I had a job within a week. I had to either move where I could find work or file BK.
  11. Sensoria17

    One night shift nurse and one day shift husband...

    I also work nights 5 days a week, M-F, pretty much the same hours as you. My husband works Sun-Thurs, 5a-1p. I usually sleep from 9-2. He comes home at about 2p so we eat lunch/dinner and spend some time together until about 5 or so and then I go back to bed until about 8:30. Even on Saturdays, we don't spend that much time together because I sleep most of the day and he's in bed by 7:30 or 8p. I really don't have much advice. I want a different schedule but I'm trying to hang in there because of the shift diff until a few bills get paid off.
  12. Sensoria17

    How much do LVNs make in the BAY AREA or SACRAMENTO AREA (CA)?

    Is the job market still that horrendous? I'm one that moved out of state to find work but would like to come back to CA within the next 2-3 years. It seems there are more job listings on Indeed.com. Or are these phony ads?
  13. Sensoria17

    What exactly is an Exelon patch supposed to do?

    Pretty much. I have only one resident on Exelon and nothing helps him. Seroquel helped for a little while but it is losing its effectiveness.
  14. Sensoria17

    LTC LPN's...how many patients do you have??

    When we are full, 30 on 3rd shift. I don't know how people handle more.
  15. Anybody know what the starting pay would be for an LPN with 1 yr experience in LTC? TIA
  16. Sensoria17

    Blood draws and home health

    Thanks you Anticoag for the encouraging story.:)