How long after you graduated did it take you to take the NCLEX-PN?

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I am halfway through completing LVN/LPN school (finishing Feb 2010) :yeah: and was wondering how long did it take for you to take the NCLEX-PN after finishing school? And when did you receive your license? Thanks:heartbeat


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less than a month to take the test, about a 3 days for the license number to show up on the state website. I took the NCLEX-RN 6 weeks after graduation, would have taken it sooner but my school screwed up and there was a delay. I passed with the minimum number of questions both times. My license was posted on the state website within 24 hours (different state)


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I took a month after completing my school. And saw my result today at BON site and I am PASS$lcev2.startup?p_qte_code=RN&p_qte_pgm_code=7800


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graduated in May, got temporary license in June, sat for NCLEX in August, got license in December - you were about four years old ;)


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I graduated at the end of Nov. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, family visiting and the slow mail I didn't even apply until Jan... Took my test in March but I was also 9 months pregnant so I was having issues concentrating on studying. When I graduated with my RN, I took the test a month afterwards.


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graduated may 21, took NCLEX June 1st, and got my license number on June 2nd. I recieved my paper license 3 days after i sat down for NCLEX. This is in AZ.


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About 1 month. I wouldn't advise waiting longer. I know 2 people from my graduating class that passed HESSI and failed NCLEX "one in 75," after waiting nearly 2 months to take it. JMHO...

I finished in February, and tested in June, received official results in July. Waiting for license in the mail. Long process if you're in California. Good Luck!


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I Graduated on July 27th 2005. Received my ATT on Aug 4th and took the test on August 5th. I graduated on May 17th 2007 from the RN Program. received my ATT on may 25th and tested on June 12th... as you can read below that ended up being quite a day. (see signature line)


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graduated last june....sat for boards begining of august,had lic a few weeks later.....had my job tho as a GPN since graduating


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Graduated from LPN program July 27th 2005 received my ATT on August 4th and took the NCLEX on August 5th... I was 46 years old and was not going to let any more grass grow under my feet.....(I had also done NCLEX questions every day from the 1st semester)


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systoly - how did you go about getting a temporary license before NCLEX??

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