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  1. CharleeJo.RN

    Passed NCLEX, updated resume...no bites. HELP!!

    I made templates of my resume and cover letter for the girls on here, I can't remember where I posted the thread, but I've attached the template here for you. Should give you an idea on how to make yours stand out. Good luck! resume template.doc cover letter template.doc
  2. CharleeJo.RN

    Tidbits, facts, save-your-butts...for new nurses in LTC

    this is an amazing list already!! thank u so much everyone!! keep em comin... :)
  3. To all you seasoned LTC nurses: can you share with us new nurses to this specialty, little facts, tidbits, and helpful info to make our transition safer and better? Anything, even if you think it's "common nursing sense", please share it!!! Regarding meds, labs, treatments, routines, dealing with doctors or family, literally anything. This could be an amazing guide for us :) "What every nurse in LTC should know..."
  4. CharleeJo.RN

    Most common LTC meds

    This thread is FABULOUS. i scoured the web by googling "common geriatric meds" and came up with nothing. then i remembered allnurses...of course the answers i seek can be found here :) thanks to everyone who posted meds on here, it helps a lot of us new grads!!! :)
  5. CharleeJo.RN

    Most Common LTC Meds?

    this is PERFECT. just what i needed. thank you so much for taking the time to put that in here :) i work several jobs and never have time for anything...i love this site. Thanks to everyone that replied! And in the future...i will try to browse a bit before I post a question.
  6. CharleeJo.RN

    Most Common LTC Meds?

    Seriously...didn't have time to look through every single page.
  7. CharleeJo.RN

    Most Common LTC Meds?

    I'm a new LPN and just started my orientation in LTC. I've been trying to find a list somewhere with the most common geriatric meds, so I can get to know these better. So far, I haven't had time to do it at work. Does anyone know of a site that lists these? Or can name some off the top of your head? Otherwise I can try to jot some down at work, and look em up later, but I'd love to get some info on my off-time. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks :)
  8. CharleeJo.RN

    Resigning first job as lpn LTC

    I know how difficult LTC can be as a new grad. I was actually let go from one a few weeks ago, and it was like a prayer answered! It was insanely stressful, I broke down sobbing multiple times (as well as other nurses), and the environment had gotten so crazy that I was at a critical point - so overwhelmed that I was destined to screw up. I absolutely loathed going there, but every day, went in with a smile on my face and a positive attitude, told myself I could do it...but every day I left for home, I had been through such hell and felt so aweful, and never wanted to go back there again. But I did, and I tried my best. Even though I wanted to quit every single day! I knew after my 90 days was up, I would quit, for sheer sake of sanity. Luckily, I have money in the bank, and don't have to worry about bills at this point (I'm still in school, for my RN, so I don't have to pay off loans yet). I know how hard it is, believe me! I was baptised by fire there, and couldn't possibly do it all. It was too much, I wasn't trained long enough, and there wasn't enough staff. HOWEVER, i still wouldn't have quit at that time, because I needed the experience and had just bought a new truck. I think you should've tried to stick it out, and just ask for help as many times as you need it. That was my biggest error: not asking for enough help. But, you did resign, so now you have to move on. Update your resume and hit the streets! Seek a job in a local clinic - not as fast-paced and a lot less responsibility. A good place to start and become more comfortable in your position. Good luck and I hope you find something else.
  9. CharleeJo.RN

    Maybe it's time we "New Grads" finally mobilized?

    I understand your frustration, but sending letters to these companies will accomplish absolutely nothing, other than possibly giving yourself a bad rep among companies! I know exactly where you're coming from though. I live in the tiny Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and nursing is one of the top majors of people around here...so competition is high and job availability is low. Most places opening positions require that a nurse have at least 1 year experience. Of course, there are some hospitals & LTC that will hire new grads, but wage is low and stress is high! Understaffing, overworking, undertrained, underpaid...it is all rampant, really. I was extremely stressed right after graduation. Every friend & family member says, "oh nursing is such a good decision. everywhere needs nurses right now." Oh, really? Well, I think you should read some posts on allnurses.com and see just how scarce jobs are!!! And then I see those stupid ads all over TV and the internet saying CHOOSE NURSING and WE NEED NURSES. Well, could you please tell me who needs new grads and won't run us out the door? Who won't be dealing with such minimal resources that my new license is at stake every day? Where? WHERE?!?! So, perhaps writing a letter isn't a bad idea. But not to these companies. To the media - newspapers, TV stations, blogs, etc. A group of new grads perhaps, putting together some founded and concise information on how bad it is right now and how some are swimming in student debt and still can't find a job. Hmmm. After all, if no one brings to light an issue, it stays in the dark...and we suffer in silence.
  10. CharleeJo.RN

    so depressed... seriously feel like it's all over...plz HELP ME

    Thanks nygirl...your words really put a smile on my face :) I do feel a LOT better over this last week. In the words of Robert Frost, "in three words I can sum up everything i know about life: it goes on." I was just really devastated at the start of this mess, but I'm coping. Finally telling family & friends what happened and just going on with life. In fact, I have a meeting with the admin tomorrow to get some closure, so I'm looking forward to just getting everything out on the table and really moving on from there. Thanks again to everybody. I know this is NOT the end of the world, and I'm sure I can find a place where I can grow as a nurse and feel competent and confident in what I'm doing. It's not a race, right? Just take it a step at a time. :)
  11. CharleeJo.RN

    Not working? Join the Haitian Relief Effort

    Do you have to be an RN to go there? Or can you be an LPN?
  12. CharleeJo.RN

    so depressed... seriously feel like it's all over...plz HELP ME

    I must disagree on the part about not owning my mistakes - I really do. In fact, right after I was fired, when I was telling my mom about it I said "I would have fired me too." Why? Because if I was the admin there and the whole MS dose thing happened, I'd have fired that person too, cuz you don't know if they've misdosed before or would again. I honestly can't blame her on that, because only *I* know that I haven't misdosed someone. And that experience honestly shook me to the core, scared me so much, because that was a HUGE error on my part and I honestly wouldn't be able to live with myself if someone was ever harmed because of me. That coupled with the other things are why I'm doubting myself so much right now...that's the reason why I wrote this post in the 1st place. It was ME that made the mistakes, not someone else, regardless of contributing factors, I still made the mistakes. Yes, as a new nurse, it's bound to happen I'm sure, but the fact remains that I screwed up. And that's exactly why I didn't immediately apply for another job, because I want to learn from this experience and review material so that I'm better prepared for my next job. There were things that happened where I knew I had messed up somewhere along the line, and no one would have known about it, but I went to the DON & told her anyway. That's why I didn't argue with admin over firing me, because I wasn't going to sit there and try to justify my mistakes. If I had really thought it out I probably wouldn't have made any of those mistakes in the 1st place. I'm not trying to be defensive, I just wanted it to be clear that I very much do own my actions and errors, the good and the bad. Good nurses have to.
  13. CharleeJo.RN

    so depressed... seriously feel like it's all over...plz HELP ME

    Oh and just for the record, I will *not* omit this job on applications. Especially because every health care employer does background checks which includes job history. I will be open and honest with prospective employers and hopefully they will understand and recognize that I have amazing potential and would be an asset to their team. :) I just need more experience and practice, and if that means I need to ask another nurse to hold my hand sometimes, then that's what I'll do. But I do think I'll take a *wee* break and review some things that would better prepare me for working. I think by this time next week I'll be in much better spirits and hopefully can put this behind me and resume life! Thanks again. I hope this thread hopes other new nurses too..
  14. CharleeJo.RN

    so depressed... seriously feel like it's all over...plz HELP ME

    Thank you everyone SO MUCH for sharing your own stories and helping me look at this thing from a different angle. I know that sometimes I can over-dramatize, but I just feel things intensely and nursing is my WHOLE LIFE. I am not married, I have no kids, these last few years my entirety revolved around nursing. And after this happened, I was honestly just devastated. I'm still reeling from the blow, but every day I'm feeling a little bit better. It's taken a big toll on me and yes I do feel lousy and still doubt my abilities but I am starting to feel like if I go into a better environment where I have support and more help, I can really prosper and become the amazing nurse that is there in me somewhere, just waiting to really shine. Thank you everyone I cannot express how grateful and appreciative I am of your words and how much it helps :)
  15. **I KNOW THIS IS LONG BUT PLEASE READ...PLEASE...I NEED HELP..I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M GOING TO DO...i have been so depressed i cant do anything..please SOMEBODY help me...please...* I graduated from the PN program in August, was licensed in November, and started my first nursing job right after licensure. I was hired at a nursing home and from the very get-go knew that: #1) I don't want to work in LTC, and #2) this would be very overwhelming. At this particular facility, LPNs do everything that RNs do except for IVs (bags, pushes, starts) and declaring death. So that means we also do all meds, treatments, PO's (physician orders), admits/discharges, pharmacy, everything. I thought I could do it. I've always wanted to be a nurse, once I started nursing school I knew that I was in the right place and this was my calling in life. I would save lives, enrich lives, be an amazing nurse and help so many people. I would be happy and fulfilled, and everything else would fall into place, because I would be doing what my heart longed for: being a nurse. I'm the kind of person that pulls off the road in the pouring rain to let a stray dog come into my car, feed it, and bring it to the shelter so it's family can find it. I'm the kind of person that pulls over in winter to help an elderly person struggling to shovel their driveway. I always go out of my way for others, human or animal, because that's just who I am. So...I start at the job. Everything is okay at first. Yeah, it's overwhelming and stressful, because there's just sooo much to learn and do and even in a 12-hour shift, seems like there's not enough time to do it all. I have ~30 residents under my care, and the other nurse has the other 30-ish residents. Only 2 nurses on duty. We have CNA's too, but half the time it seems like I'm doing their job too. 3 med passes during my shift, an average of 5 treatments per resident per shift, treating acute problems (diarrhea, chest pain, SOB, pain, etc.); preparing pt's for dialysis (copies of ppwork, vitals, meds), appointments (copies of ppwork, meds), discharges/admits (ridiculous amt of ppwork, verifying PO's, sending rx's to pharmacy, complete physical assessment, setting up treatments)... doctors calling for appts, follow-up on labs, med changes, INR levels, new orders, procedures needed...family calling to check on resident... And so much more, but I won't overload you with all the details. Honestly, though, a ridiculous amount of stuff! And on top of that, anytime that something happens with a resident (say, family is upset over something, or an incident occurs) not only do you need to do the proper ppwork as well as following protocol (with VS, assessments, etc.) you need to notify the family, MD, and DON or administrator - even if it's like 3 AM. Now I'm a new grad, there's so much that I don't know, and during my orientation (~3 weeks) all that we focused on was med pass and treatments because that's the major thing - I was briefly oriented to all the other million things that need to be done, but it was mostly "learn as you go." Anyways, I screwed up a couple times. Not filling out something properly - a PO to d/c ASA when a pt had a high INR. The only reason it was d/c in the 1st place is because I saw the pt was on ASA while on Coumadin (hello!) and had a very high INR (7.0) so I called the MD to d/c it. No one else caught that this whole time! So I d/c it but didn't put the order in another place that I should have (which I had never done before) and the next time I worked, like 4 days later, I noticed he was still getting it. I talked to DON, turns out other nurses were giving it because I didn't process the order correctly. Yet, no other nurse thought hey why is he getting ASA when we're holding his Coumadin r/t high INR? But the blame falls on me. Another screw up: I didn't process a PO that came on my shift, because I told the following shift to process it (which everyone does because there's no possible way we can do it all on 1 shift). Well, that nurse didn't process it and no one did for 5 DAYS - turns out the pt had UTI which caused all these other problems, and the blame falls on me again for not processing the order right away. There was an issue with a patients family r/t the pt's infection and the family didn't feel they'd been properly informed about it. I was technically off-duty as the nurse on that floor, but I helped the nurse on duty talk with the family and sort through everything (that nurse had been there >1 year). Anyways, I ended up doing most of the talking, so I was the one who charted on it. I called my DON about it, she said just write up a report and put it under the admin's door. Ok, so I did. Next day admin calls me very upset, wants to set up a meeting, because I didn't call her at the time it happened or did I fill out the proper form for the family. Even though I'm the new kid and don't know all this quite yet, the blame falls on me, not the nurse who has been there over a year and who was involved in the situation too. And to top it all off, I was drawing up morphine to give to a patient. Order is for 0.5-1.0 mg SQ q1h prn. I was so overwhelmed that day and nervous because of the person who was w/me at the time, that the 1 time I don't triple-check what I'm doing, I draw up the wrong dose. i DID NOT give it to the pt. The other nurse w/me corrected me, and I was drawing up/shooting back the dose because I knew sumn wasnt right, but she saw it before me. So she reported it to the admin, which was right before the whole family situation mentioned above, so I was already set up for a meeting with the admin. She fired me the next day. No if's, and's, or but's about it. She said I wasn't catching on quick enough in regards to ppwork and "proper protocol" for events (like calling her for something that isn't an emergency...). And since that other nurse corrected my morphine dose the other day she didn't feel comfortable with me working under her license. I know that was a huge ****-up, but I swear on my life, every single time I had atleast triple checked my dose, and just this one time..just this 1 time...ugh. Nevermind the things I had caught that seasoned nurses hadn't caught. nevermind how great I was with the pt's, how caring i was with them, nevermind the family members who came in just to personally thank me & give me a hug for everything i did for their dying loved one, nevermind the good i did... nevermind that i'm brand-new and this just is incredibly stressful, not enough staff, not conducive to being a GOOD nurse just being a FAST nurse... nevermind that i broke down at work, completely sobbing, atleast 4 times in the last 2 weeks because of the stress and under-staffing that made it impossible to do everything, or that the other new nurse (an RN) was sobbing almost every day for those same reasons... So, I got fired from my 1st nursing job. I feel so horrible. I feel like such a failure. I feel like a bad, bad nurse. Incompetent. Useless. Like my career is over, my life is over. No one else will want to hire me after they speak to this employer. I don't even want to work right now because I'm afraid that I can't do it. I don't think I'm good enough. So what if I did really good in school and am still going for my RN right now...obviously that doesn't translate into being good in practice. So what if my pt's loved me, families appreciated me, doesn't amount to much now does it. Since getting fired on Friday, I pretty much haven't left my house except for school. Not answering the phone, avoiding family & friends because I don't want to tell them. I'm too ashamed, too embarassed, too depressed to do anything or see anyone or try to feel better. I don't know where to go from here, what to do, how to cope, how to move on. I don't know if I can move on. Right now I feel like this has defined me, and these last few years have been a waste because i can't be a nurse. Previous employer seems to think so. I want to crawl in a big black hole and just wither away in there..it would be better than realizing my dreams are crashing down, exploding into nothing, that there's nothing left for me other than workin at the local gas station and being miserable forever. Honestly how I feel. Especially in this small town, it will be difficult to find someone else to hire me, cuz past employer will probably tell them everything and they won't want to hear my side of things. Whatever. Even tho this facility has a reputation around town for being extremely difficult to work for, and one of the nurses there told me its a "revolving door for nurses", and the nurse there w/highest seniority has only worked there for 3 YEARS...it's still a job, a nursing job that i was FIRED from. my 1st one. fired. after 2 months. god... CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE TALK TO ME ABOUT THIS...i need help...i don't know who else to turn to...i'm too ashamed to talk to family or friends about it really...i don't know what else to do. is it all over for me? it may be...