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Hey guys, I've been out of school for a year now and am just starting my studying for the NCLEX-RN. I purchased Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, 5th edition.

Here's my question: I've been studying off my old notes and going over those lab values, but I've already found a discrepancy between those and what is in the study book. For instance, they list the range for HCO3 to be 22-27; in school, it was always 22-26.

Could someone be so kind as to list lab value ranges as they know the NCLEX considers them to be? I would be so upset if I got a question wrong because I was a point or two off of what the test considers a normal range! Or anyone know where I can get this info?

Thank you so much!!

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I don't know what the NCLEX goes by (I'm not sure there would really be any way to accurately answer that question without having confidential knowledge of the NCLEX) but here's the thing- one value isn't going to matter.

The NCLEX is all about applying nursing knowledge. You aren't going to get rote learning questions like "What is the normal range for HCO3?"

The closest thing you'll get where this might be an issue is interpretation of a blood gas. However, if you do get a blood gas, you aren't going to get a value that is barely outside the normal range. You won't get a gas with a HCO3 of 21 or 27, you'll get one of 18 or 30. Something that is clearly abnormal.

So the specific number that you go by doesn't matter. As long as you can recognize a value as abnormal, you'll be fine.

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Thanks, I feel much better :)

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