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How long is CNA program.


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I called the Red Cross in my area to ask about the Certified nurses assistant program.

They informed me it take about a month to get going full time.

I live in Massachusetts is this correct?

Does it normally take this long?

I thought is was only a two week program any information would be great.



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The typical course is five weeks. Locally (PA) we have a concentrated three-week program. Costs run from approximately $500 to $700.

i'm starting one jan. 5th, and its 5 weeks long


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I took my course while in high school and it was the whole school year long.. 4 1/2 hours a day.

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When I worked as a Clinical Instructor for CNA students the course was through the community college's continuing education program which lasted four months. Then the students had to take the state exam to become Certified as a Nursing Asst. :nurse:


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I live in NC. In order to gain admission into the nursing program at my school you must first take a CNA course. It took me three months to complete. The class was held three times a week. I can't remember exactly how many hours per class, but I am guessing three.

Good luck....

I am starting on the 5th of Jan. I complete the course on Jan 26th. This cost me $180.00. I live in Kansas City and attend Johnson County Community College.

From the calibre of CNA's I have seen, I would venture to guess about 8 hours, including a 2 hour lunch break.

In Ohio the class I took was 2 weeks from 8-4 Mon-Fri, with 2 days of clinicals included in that timeframe.

After passing the class you had four months to go and take your state test.



It is a 6 week course here meeting 2 evenings per week for 4 hours each night and we were required to spend 5 Saturdays in clinical working 7 to 3.

I'm in Ohio also it took 2 weeks 8-4pm, M-F, I think it was a total of 70 hours with 2 days of clinicals, piece of cake.

I live in Mississippi the CNA class i'm taking is for 4 months 360 hours which is 16 weeks. M-F from 9am to 1 pm is the hours. The funds were $1500 to $2000 for everything.

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I just signed up here in Hawaii. For the CNA I course, I am taking the evening classes which run M-Fri from 4:45 to 9:45 for four weeks. I believe the last 3 days of class are clinicals.

After that course, I am taking CNA II which is all day on Saturday for four Saturdays.

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