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  1. New LPN troubled with CNA's

    The solution is to get rid of all CNA's...they never have, nor ever will, be worth the effort to keep...I got rid of a boat load a few years back at an ED that I directed, and with the money saved, gave all the full time staff raises to the tune of $...
  2. Are CNA's considered "Nurses"?

    Sounds like I exposed a raw nerve, eh? Well, just keep studying, get your RN, maybe an MSN, and let me know how you feel then...bottom line...there is no longer room in health care today for minimally prepared providers. An RN should be the bare mini...
  3. Are CNA's considered "Nurses"?

    You are right...just like the N in CNA....and the N in NA....and like the N in NT....a CNA and a LPN just doesn't cut it anymore; get over it....feel slighted? that's on you...get used to it :stone
  4. Are CNA's considered "Nurses"?

    CNA's, NA, LPN....need to go by the way care comes from broadly "educated" and "trained" RN's and ARNP's. The time has come to eliminate so-called caregivers who's only training is how to do a BP, change a diaper, d/c an IV, and administ...
  5. Interesting discussion about Med students and Nurses

    I'm not so sure the majority of these dilitantes are even student doctors...most sound like high school kids who "think" they are med students, hence the 3rd grade level grammar.
  6. The WAR between days and nights!

    This is a woman issue...never had this problem when I was in the Army and Navy...guys just do what's best for the team, 'cause they don't want to be known as no loads. I just come in early, get a trusted EMTp to stock my assigned area, and away I go....
  7. Friend DNRed from nursing home by CNA.

    When the tail begins to wag the dog, it's time to put down the beast. Best solution is to eliminate CNA's....PERIOD! Plenty of EMT's, Paramedics, and nursing students who need a part time, are better, and more broadly trained, and who are willing to ...
  8. Am I generalizing too much from my own experiences or is this something males do to each other (discriminate for not opening up as a buddy)too in the abscense of female co-workers? Not at are right on target :)
  9. Male L&D nurses

    Right on. For me, police, fire, rescue, combat pilots, ship commands, Spec Ops, submariners, big game fishing, auto mechanics, factory jobs, mining, construction workers, ship builders, astronauts, black bag ops, politics, et al are for men only, and...
  10. If women would just get in touch with their masculine side, the work place would be a better place to be...LMAO
  11. Male L&D nurses

    BOTH! I don't believe that any job should be defined as gender specific...if you have the skills or knowledge base, you should not be dicriminated against solely based on gender...if you desire a specialty in nursing such as midwifery, why is it th...
  12. Male L&D nurses

    Yes...what is the why do women want to prove a point by forcng themselves in firehouses, taking down the girlie calendars, and forcing the men to watch their potty mouth?...why do women have to prove a point by forcing the armed service...
  13. NAs vs no NAs and Quality of Care

    In a Emergency Room, I am of the opinion that the only non- RN's should only be Paramedics, who are highly trained in starting IV's, doing EKG's, interpreting EKG's with reasonable accuracy and informing RN's of their observations, can mix and hang a...
  14. Requirements to become PA

    Yes, many schools. as they try to level the playing field, are now going masters degree for PA, but there are still many AS and certificate programs, where a GED and the science pre-reqs is all that is needed for admission; it is possible (as in my n...
  15. Requirements to become PA

    At the several community colleges that offer a PA program, the typical requirements are a HS diploma or GED, A&P I, II, Gen' Chem with lab, Micro, Eng 101, Int Algebra or basic Statistics, Soc 101, Psy 101, and a CPR certificate. Mind you, these ...